OAXIS: an Improbable β€œFamily Friendly” Streaming Service

Danny Phantom, Fairly Odd Parents, T.U.F.F Puppy… these iconic childhood shows belong to the one-and-only, Butch Hartman. But after these shows’ finales, what is an animator to do? Well, Hartman has devoted his time to making a family-friendly streaming service.

  It is supposed to include kid-safe content, allowing user uploads and including everything you could ever want from a typical streaming service and more. Basically, a perfectly seeming platform, given the name β€œOAXIS,” it is actually the most unrealistic idea.

It has definitely been done before. One can name at least five streaming networks that have done this exact same thing, except at a cheaper price, and have a decent reputation built up already from previous shows. Calling this a new invention would just be a complete lie; it is an innovation at the most.

There is definitely not enough money to start this. $250,000 has to pay for developing the service, paying a team of people to constantly watch what people are posting (or coding a filter), hiring people to create original content, a film crew, etc. 

Depending on how much you donate, you can get a different bonus which can, however, result in unfairness in the tier levels for rewards. If you pledge $5-$24, you get an exclusive β€œthank you” email. The top tier amount of money you can donate is $10,000+ dollars in which you can become a character in a live-action OAXIS TV show (but, of course, OAXIS has a final say in everything related to the character.) 

A team of human filters is necessary, but you need to hire a team of 24/7 filters to be able to safely upload home videos. There is no way a coded filter will work when reviewing entire videos. Robots are not perfect when scanning for non-family-friendly content, and this possible lack of adequate protection could easily lead to inappropriate content being uploaded onto the website. Plus, you cannot monitor who views that content. Additionally, you cannot just stop predators from viewing the videos because no amount of security can effectively stop unwanted guests. 

Child-friendly content cannot easily bring in the family since even children’s shows have minuscule adult humor. To bring the family together, the content needs to display everyone’s interests, not just the child. 

The same goes for news or sports. News should be informative and realistic, which is not always safe. Also, injuries are inevitable in sports. Sure, you could block it out but end up missing part of the game. Developing a sports sensor would be useless. 

Do not shame people or kids for liking horror, they may enjoy the feeling of thrill and suspension. Let kids like what they want to like. It is not the end of the world if a child watches a horror movie. 

OAXIS is a pointless streaming service that should not get past the Kickstarter page. It is a waste of money and has way too many loopholes to gain the support of anyone. It is a meaningless service created by a not so great guy.