Murder Trial at Blake

*This is, obviously, not a legitimate news piece, but was written in relation to Blake Stage Co.’s production of The Accused. 

In a case that has shocked the school, esteemed cardiologist Dr. Patrick Sherwood has been accused of murdering his beloved wife, Elizabeth Sherwood.

Dr. Sherwood has been charged with first degree murder and is suspected of injecting his wife with potassium chloride, and leaving her to die a slow, painful death from cardiac arrest. Throughout the trial Dr. Sherwood has maintained his innocence, claiming that he would never hurt his wife. 

β€œI adored Elizabeth, no one will ever be able to replace her.” Dr. Sherwood said, β€œThis has been so hard on me, I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, I just want her back.”

The trial has only been ongoing for one day so far, and there have already been a number of interesting witnesses, including a professor of toxicology, a security guard at Dr. Sherwood’s apartment complex, the lead detective on the case, and the Proprietor of the Pharmacy from which the potassium chloride was collected.

Mrs. Sherwood’s last words: β€œhow did you get in?” have haunted the courtroom. Dr. Sherwood claims he was out seeing a private patient on the night his wife died, and insists it must have been an intruder that attacked Mrs. Sherwood. However, his alibi is flimsy, he did not bring his doctor’s bag with him when he left to β€œsee a patient.”

It is rumored that tomorrow the prosecution plans to call Miss Mitchell to the witness stand to testify on her alleged affair with the doctor. 

Many questions about the night of Mrs. Sherwood’s death have been left unanswered: where was Dr. Sherwood on the night of the murder? Who opened the kitchen window? What was the nature of Miss Mitchell’s relationship with Dr. Sherwood? What caused the bruises on Mrs. Sherwood’s arm? And finally, how did you get in?

β€œI can’t say much at the time,” prosecution lawyer Amanda Kersley said, β€œbut I think the trial is going well for us, we just need the jury to see all of the evidence presented.”

The trial is set to conclude either March 25th or 26th at 7:30 pm in the Carol C. Goodman Theater when the jury votes on the verdict. The trial is open to the public, so be sure to come see the trial, who knows, they may have an extra spot open on the jury!

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