Blake’s Feminist Club and their Fight For Equal Rights

The phrase “All men are created equal,” is an infamous line from the Declaration of Independence that has become synonymous with the ideals of America; However, in spite of the freedom this phrase was intended to promote, it notably specifies “men” as opposed to “people.” This detail has unfortunately become a grim reflection of our country’s history, as women have only been granted the same inherent rights as men within the last one hundred years, and even now, experience notable unequal treatment in other forms.Β 

Fortunately, there are people fighting to end this inequality, with a relatively new political ideology that advocates for women’s rights on the basis of the equality between the sexes, which is known as feminism, having gained significant traction in the last century. Whilst there are many people within our own school that support feminism, there exists a group of individuals who have committed themselves to promoting this belief in a more significant way, the Feminist Club.

The Feminist Club was created earlier this year by founder and president, Evelyn Troy, for the purposes of spreading awareness of issues relating to inequality, raising money to support other feminist organizations, and participating in protests advocating for equal rights between the sexes. The club is sponsored by Mr. Mendenhall, and since its founding in late September, has met every Thursday in E207 in order to organize and coordinate these events. Because of the club’s relative youth, it only maintains 12 active members, but is open to any new individuals who would like to join. Troy states that “We support people of all shapes, sizes, genders, and colors… So, if you want to support equal rights, come join us.”

Despite its relatively short existence of only seven months, the club has already organized and participated in several notable events throughout this school year. In 2021, they traveled to Washington D.C. in order to pay their respects to the deceased Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and participated in a march advocating against the banning of abortion in several states. The club also organized a bake sale in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and most recently, a food drive in order to raise money for Women’s Shelters across America. These shelters house women who have been subject to domestic abuse. You may have also noticed the posters that the group has been putting up throughout the entire school year that feature quotes from significant feminist leaders.

Blake has clubs that cover everything, from the most intense of sports to the most casual of hobbies, however, the Feminist Club is among the few that were created from a desire to create change. Our school needs clubs just like this as the significance of its cause and the impact of its people reflect the unfettered spirit and ambitious mindset of our students.

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