MCPS to Add $6 Million Dedicated to Safety to Annual Budget

This week, the Montgomery County school board has decided to pledge $6 million to the proposed budget for next year to help fund safety-related amendments. $500,000 is also provided to hire a communication firm to help with contacting families. These changes will lead to the proposed budget for next year to total $2.9 billion, though part of the pledge is expected to be covered by federal Covid-19 relief funds.

Federal relief money is expected to go to improving spaces for students and their mental health, like the expansion of well-being spaces, student well-being teams, and daily wellness time to all schools, while the changes that need to be funded by the county are security-related improvements like security cameras, security stipends, and security training coordinators.

After the tragic event that occurred at Magruder High School, the Montgomery County school board hopes these changes will prevent situations like that from happening in the future.

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