Lunchtime: When Blake’s Style and Culture Come Out to Play

Coming into Blake, it’s important to know what type of person you are. Are you loud or quiet? Introverted or outgoing?  Sporty or techy?

 Our school is filled with various cultures and styles, and the best way to observe Blake’s landscape is during lunch. These first few days, walking around during lunch is a great way to see everything we’ve got to offer.  See below for some basic info on what’s up and where it’s at…

B-Hallway Downstairs/Cafeteria:

  • The loud and playful ones usually hang in the cafeteria or the B-Hallway on the first floor.  It’s noisy and chaotic at times, so be prepared for some activity.

Spiral Staircase:

  • The spiral staircase is the main attraction during lunch. There’s no reserved action; you see everything out in the open from band/choir performances to ridiculous, romantic promposals. Every day, you’ll find the loudest kids here. If you’re a quiet person, this place will drive you crazy. 


  • Blake is an art school overall, but if you really want to be in with the artistic students, the first-floor E-Hallway is the place to be. There you’ll find students painting in the halls or working on creating outfits for the fashion class, possibly even prepping for the spring fashion show. 


  • If you’re a quiet spirit, you will find yourself on the second floor where everyone is sitting in the hallway either reading a book, getting work done, or even having a quiet conversation with a small group of friends.

Dance Studio:

  • Dance is a great way to spread your artistic wings in a social setting and also an easy way to build bonds. 


  • Every Friday, Sources of Strength hosts a karaoke event in the amphitheater, which always seems to bring the school together regardless of your preferred genre.   


  • Outside is where you’ll find the most action. If it’s nice outside, you’ll see girls taking pictures or the football team practicing. If you’re feeling adventurous, farther down the road is where you’ll find students playing tennis, walking around the track,or playing on the outdoor basketball courts. 


  • You’ll find a few reserved students who want to be outside to enjoy nice weather but don’t necessarily want to be around a lot of people.


  • The gym is where you’ll find the students solely devoted to sports. Unlike outside where most of the students play for fun, the gym is where students talk to teachers and coaches about sports they are seriously focused on or practicing.   

Media Center:

  • There’s absolutely no finding friends in the media center. Here you’ll find extremely focused students getting their work done. The media center is usually packed during the end of every quarter so getting your work done early is greatly recommended. 

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