Ice-hilarating Winter Fashion Trends

Fashion has sparked an interest in many students at our school. It’s a form of self-expression and independence. Over quarantine, our classmates got a little more creative and experimented with their closets. Though everyone has their specific styles, this winter there are a few pieces that have shown up constantly in our hallways.

Senior Doris Levry wearing a long-sleeve turtleneck


Turtlenecks are a classic, but customary item for many of our students. Layering wouldn’t be the same without these pieces. You could put this under a dress, t-shirt, or sweater and it will upgrade your outfit to its fullest potential. 


I’ve seen this being paired with hoodies, crop tops, and plain t-shirts. It is a simple but easy item to add into your personal style. It is also an official lesbian identifier, so ladies take what you will with that information. 

Junior Reese Schenkel wearing leg warmers


To add to the list of items making a comeback this winter are leg warmers. Not only do they have different colors and designs, but they also keep your legs warm. There is the term “leg warmers.” There is no singular way to style it, but leg warmers are usually worn with skirts.


Freshman Gray Tejada wearing personalized tights

Another timeless classic are tights, but we aren’t talking about the plain, black, opaque, tights. Our student body has taken interest in different wacky and peculiar styles of tights. We have seen some that are sheer, ripped, fishnets, and/or colorful. Tights are an easy and creative way to style something regular. Sometimes they are worn with skirts, big ripped jeans, or even tops! They are comfortable and are unique to your own style. 

Junior Dayri Almonte in a sweater vest


Sweater vests are making a comeback, and we are all here for it. Though this article of clothing may be seen as old, students are modernizing it and adding it to their wardrobe. We are able to stay warm and cozy, while also showing off the different patterns and combinations we can make with this piece of clothing.


This is a staple item in our school. Either it’s a cold day out or you don’t have any idea what to wear to school that day, throwing on a sweater or a pair of sweatpants will keep you stylish and comfy. We have thrown out the plain, boring sweatshirts, and instead replaced them with  graphic or grandma-style sweaters that add personality to your daily outfits. 


A frequent item worn at Blake are Crocs. It’s a weird name for a shoe, but they are pretty comfortable and convenient. They come in all different colors and they even have pegs. Pegs are like pins on a jean jacket, they have all kinds of designs for everyone to enjoy. 

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