Like It or Not: 2019 Fashion

2019 fashion has been a year where we brought back styles and made our own. We did not hesitate to mix and match or levitate and layer the clothes we had in our closet year-round. Whether they were likable or straight-up unacceptable, here are this year’s top fashion trends and if we like it or not.

The Impenetrable AirPods: We Can Tolerate Them

AirPods Fashion

With the amount of people in the halls walking around with AirPods stuck in their ears, it is basically more of an accessory than an auxiliary now. Don’t get me wrong: they are a great device. But, if I have another conversation with someone who is too busy listening to their AirPods to pay attention to me, I am going to sue Apple for the detriment they have caused to my social life. Or maybe that is just me being petty for not having AirPods. *sniffles in broke*

Soft, VSCO SKSKSKSK, and the E-People Aesthetic: Like It

Okay, hear me out: soft, VSCO, and E-people all existed before we had given them a label. Pastel colors, oversized t-shirts and a heavy use of eye makeup were all styles we have loved before. Scrunchies and HydroFlasks are convenient, and oversized t-shirts are comfy. No need to mock someone for having them. The next time you see someone with hair clips and a bunch of Glossier makeup on their face, let them know they are cute instead of teasing them for being a soft girl.

Fishnets: Like it

Fishnets Trend

From the end of the 19th century to 2019, fishnets have stood the test of time, slipping their way into this year’s list of trends. They are my favorite accessory to complete any outfit with. Though they are a bit of a struggle to put on, they do a wonderful job of adding a little edge, so it is worth it. I thank the fishermen who decided to use their nets as a lovely additional piece to their outfits.Β 

Champion: How We Can Hate Them?

At the very beginning of this year, I did not understand the craze. But after wearing one myself, I understand why Champion has joined the group of popular sportswear. Champion carries something that is different to the table. When you wear a brand name item like an Adidas sweater, you see it and you acknowledge it. When you wear a Champion sweater, you do not see it as a brand name you are wearing. You see yourself as a champion. This updated 90s inspired brand has done a good job of coming back by making people feel like a true champion. Plus, they are so soft on the inside. Soooo soft. 

Surgical Masks: I Will Have to Think About it

Surgical masks are popular in hospitals and around Asia because of the poor air quality, but I would never have thought it would make its way to America as a fashion trend. I do not see the hype around it. It does not really seem practical. When I see people wearing them, I most often get concerned than anything else. As the trend of surgical masks progresses so does the problem of pollution. I have thought about it: I hate it. 

Kanken Backpacks: Like It

Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

I have a lot of questions for people who actually own these backpacks. How do use them as backpacks for school? They are so small! They look like they cannot even fit a folder in there. And why are they so expensive? All questions aside though, they are adorable. It is so hard to pick which color to get because they are all so pretty. Small backpacks, in general, have been the rage throughout the year, and I would not be surprised if they are a trend that we take with us into the next year. 

Biker Shorts: Like It

Biker shorts, another example of sportswear coming into mainstream fashion trends, was the most surprising style to be popular this year. I really applaud the fashion industry with how creative they were with styling biker shorts. From blazers and slip dresses to oversized t-shirts and turtlenecks, we made it easy to go biking anywhere whether it was to a business meeting or a party.

Transparent Clothing: It Is Clear That They Need to Stay in 2019

Clear backpacks, clear boots, clear jackets, and even clear pants. Some might call it bold, but I call it pathetic. They are uncomfortable. Just thinking about the plastic-like material on my skin makes me cringe. Also, people can see you sweat. Why would you want that voluntarily? These transparent clothes are like the lazy version of sheer lace. I will allow AirPods. I will allow surgical masks. But I will not allow transparent clothing. 

If 2019 has given us this much of a variegated closet of clothes, just imagine what 2020 has in store for us! I can almost see it now. VSCO girls with an excessive use of scrunchies will turn into businesswomen with an excessive use of blazers. Biker shorts will turn into polka-dotted shorts. Fishnets will turn into crochet.Β  Transparent clothing will turn into leather clothing. And AirPods will turn into the AirPods Pro Max XS Plus. Hold on to your HydroFlasks everyone, 2020 will bring us a fashion hurricane.

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