The Best Winter Activities in MOCO

As the Earth revolves, a new season is brought upon. As the air gets colder, you can see your breath like smoke and the first snow is soon to arrive. Winter, a seasonal favorite for many. Maybe because of the beautiful weather, or maybe they’re just the people who say they never get cold. Or maybe it’s because of the amazing memories people have created during this time of year. The holidays and gatherings of families. The activities, oh the activities. There are already so many to take your pick from, and more are always being innovated. Here are a few winter activities you can do with family and friends this holiday season. 


There are always the classic things, like ice skating in Downtown Silver Spring while drinking Starbucks’ seasonal pumpkin spice latte. Or with just enough snow for sleds and gloves to come out, ready for snowball fights and fort-making right in front of your own house. I know adults who have memories of seeing the holiday lights around this time of year. Activities like these never ever get old and are always a great time when you have someone with you. The classics will never get lost in the midst of new yet there is always something different to come. 


There is always a new thing you can do right at home with your family. I know you know how to make hot cocoa, that’s old news, but did you know that there is a recipe for a hot cocoa bomb? Hot cocoa bombs are made of chilled chocolate shells and inside there are marshmallows and hot cocoa powder. You put it in warm milk and it melts. All you need is chocolate, marshmallows, hot cocoa powder, and a mold. Don’t worry, they’re very easy to make, just search it up on YouTube. Who said you need to leave your house to have fun?. Ever heard someone complain about movies and snacks? Cozy up with a nice blanket and your favorite snack. There are also a ton of new movies coming out like Rudolf, Jack Frost, Frosty the Snowman, and The Grinch. Watch them!


Doesn’t the saying go β€œβ€˜tis the season to try new things?” Okay, I know it doesn’t, but shouldn’t it? There are so many creative things that people are coming up with to have a blast. It’s sad that I can only tell you so many. You could always go for a winter hike at Sugarloaf Mountain. Blue skies and crisp, fresh air are always good for your mental state. Sugarloaf has different trails depending on how hard or easy the trail might be. That way you can go by yourself or withΒ  your friends and family (but who’s to say they’re not the same?). Another idea? Stargazing. Need I say more? You could go to a park with blankets and maybe a partner. Nature, not your thing? How β€˜bout the arts? There is currently a film festival happening at AFI Silver Theater. The Olney Theater is also conducting shows like The Beauty and The Beast or their yearly A Christmas Carol. In Downtown Silver Spring, there is a place called Big Escape Rooms which hosts an option of escape rooms. Then there is always going to your local library. Have a nice playlist on your side and come out with as many books as you want, just don’t lose them. I learned that the hard way.Β 

Anyways, I hope I was of help to kill your boredom this winter season. There are plenty of winter activities to participate in! Make sure to have fun and cherish the time you have off this year!

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