Praneel Suvarna Elected as the 47th SMOB

On April 17, 2024, Praneel Suvarna was elected as the 2024-2025 Student Member of the Montgomery County Board of Education, better known as the SMOB. 

58,927 middle and high school students in MCPS voted in this election. This election was close, with Suvarna amassing 53% of the votes and his opponent, Sam Ross, earning 47%. 

Suvarna’s policies align closely with the issues we have here at Blake such as school safety, the drug and opioid crisis, and the student mental health crisis, all of which he wants to address. 

Suvarna also hopes to improve school lunches, extracurricular activity funding, and homework policies. 

Suvana expressed how he and his team have β€œbeen working on showing students that we have a plan for every single thing [they’re worried about].”

Although some students were disappointed by the results of this election, it’s clear that Survana is an organized and goal-oriented person, who should be given a chance to prove himself.