Freshman Fiona Stars Onstage

With Shrek the Musical happening last week, we decided to take a look into one of the main actresses, Cydney Wilson. With her first year at Blake, she has already been incredibly engaged in school activities, even landing the lead role of Fiona.Β 

Β When asked if the role of Fiona was the one she auditioned for, her response was interesting yet heartwarming. β€œFunny story – I actually auditioned for Donkey … because I’m a freshman I didn’t think that I would get a big role, but Ms. Garcia-Ruiz was so sweet and she really helped me muster up that courage to audition for a lead,” she stated. And it worked out for her, as you can see!

Rehearsal was every day of the week after school for 3 hours and while fun and engaging for Cydney, there were still moments that were quite challenging for her. β€œSince I’m a singer first, it would be the dancing that can be very tedious. I’d also say just remembering my lines … the more that we practiced, the more quickly it came to us.”

Theatre and performing have always been things that Cydney loved and took part in. Her first ever role was as a Munchkin in her older sister’s high school production of The Wiz and ever since then, she realized she loved being up on stage and making people laugh.Β She talks about the role she is most proud of and her first big role as Belle in Beauty and the Beast in middle school. β€œIt was so much fun, I just loved being on stage and doing what I really liked.” 

While she’s still thinking about whether or not she wants to pursue acting and being in theatre after high school, she can picture herself attending rehearsals every day and auditions for a few roles. With just a few more shows left, Cydney will continue to grace the stage with her charms and charisma so make sure to look out for her!