For the Love of God, Stop Creating Beauty Trends

Beauty trends are no new thing, they were around when James Charles was collabing with the Dolan twins and Emma Chamberlin (ya know, before Dramageddon). 

But of course, as we watch the rise and fall of makeup brands as our definition of beauty is ever evolving we… as a whole… tend to create this unreasonable, infeasible, and unobtainable standard of beauty that no one can keep up with.

Fast fashion has been exposed and has revealed their putrid working conditions but surely that doesn’t stop the β€œclean girls” of TikTok who crave the aesthetic of showering to buy a white ribbed tank top with a bow off of Shein. 

And as those consumers realize it’s no longer β€˜in’ they delve into dark academia and those white ribbed tank tops with bows are discarded. Or if they’re lucky, donated with stained necklines of Glossier, mascara, and highlight. 

I don’t have an issue with people discovering their style. I literally wrote an article about HOW to. I have an issue when these ideals are forced upon impressionable people who start to believe it’s the only way to be perceived as β€˜pretty’. 

One thing that’s made a resurgence on, at least my for you page, is color theory. Ya know, determining what seasonal color palette fits you best? People are paying actual money to get their colors tested.Β 

The concept of it is not lost on me, wanting to know what you look best in, that makes sense… but what’re you gonna do when you now have to clean out your whole closet cause you look better in orange than magenta? 

There’s only so many people that their palette matches what’s already in their closet. 

Seriously, like why bother? So what if you like a darker blue than lighter blue, but look better in that light blue? Who does that affect? Are you now gonna go on a Forever 21 spree to find those perfect shades? 

Pardon my cheesiness, but you look best in what YOU wanna wear, not what some β€˜specialist’ tells you you do. 

There’s definitely some legitimacy behind it, but there’s also legitimacy behind holding your phone at a different angle and moving your ring light to change the tones of your face. 

ANOTHER THING, there has ALSO been a trend of doing your makeup or dressing how you did during quarantine. I am all for that! It’s so cool to see how people’s style has changed as we’ve finally reached 2023. 

My issue occurs when people start to go β€œI can’t believe I did that”, gag, and publically announce their disgust, as people who found themselves in that style sit and watch how something that was considered β€˜in and alt’ is now β€˜out and ew”. 

Some people can afford to buy every new make-up item and use it as a tax write off, that’s fine, I mean someones gotta do a Rare Beauty review. 

But there is no need for teens to buy every product or item they see just so they can be trendy, cause, y’all, seriously, who has the money for that?

Don’t fall for these fads that change weekly. Your teenage budget cannot handle that. Fashion inspiration from social media is great, but be aware of what you’re consuming, physically and psychologically. 

Moral of story: wear what you wanna, look how you wanna look. 

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