The Trend Train

Ah yes, the Trend Train:  a seemingly endless convoy of fashions, fads, and crazes. What we previously assumed to be an infinite number of styles might actually just be rebranded repetition. We’ve been seeing an influx of β€˜new’ trends and it’s time to explore. I’ll be your conductor this evening! Please show your ticket at the door and join me down the tracks of the next big β€˜thing.’ It’s alllll the rage.

Blueberry Milk Nails

First stop, Blueberry Station! Earlier this year, #blueberrymilknails began popping up in several corners of TikTok and Instagram. Influencers and nail enthusiasts sang their praises and called them the perfect summer vacation nails. 

But what exactly are these coveted blueberry milk nails? Light blue nail polish. That’s it. Regular nail polish colored in a light blue. Periwinkle at best. Despite their simplicity, many people were confused by this new β€œtrend.” A variety of comments on blueberry milk nail videos display this confusion, ranging from β€œThat’s just light blue,” to β€œIsn’t that just baby blue nails?” and β€œI don’t get it.” These comments were met with replies of β€œBlueberry milk sounds much cuter.” Yeahhh. . . let’s continue this train ride.

Glazed Donut Skin Care

Careful! These sugary tracks are slippery! Last year, Hailey Beiber uploaded a nighttime skincare routine to her YouTube channel showing the products she uses to achieve what she describes as a β€œglazed donut” complexion.  β€œIf I’m not getting into bed looking like a glazed donut, then I’m not doing the right thing,” says Beiber. She thinks everyone should find a moisturizer that β€œhelps you look like a glazed donut at the end of the day.” Beiber continued to emphasize her preferred skincare routine, posting pictures on her Instagram captioned β€œglazed donut vibes.” She finally captured the eyes of Tiktok, many influencers and small creators posting their own β€œglazed donut” routine and videos of them going to bed with their skin moist and dewy. Hailey Beiber grabbed the hype and released her own skincare brand, Rhode, which offers three formulas that promise to boost radiance and give that glazed finish. 

A few have pointed out that the so-called glazed donut finish happens after almost any skincare routine and isn’t Hailey Bieber exclusive. Reviews of Rhode ranged from influencers to estheticians, most stating that while the brand was helpful and felt nice, it wasn’t extraordinary. A few Tiktokers and Redditors even went as far as saying they could get the same results from drugstore products. Overall, it’s a recycled skincare craze, with a side of tried and true marketing from Hailey Bieber for her new line. A celebrity releasing a product that pretty much already exists, but the masses buy it because they’re famous? We’ve seen it all before. Please keep all hands and feet away from doors because this train is leaving!

Cinnamon Cookie Butter Hair 

Now arriving at the Bakery Terminal. Do you smell baked cinnamon? Sorry folks, no Cinnabon here! Hailey Bieber stepped on the scene this August debuting what she dubbed her new β€œCinnamon Cookie Butter” hairstyle. Apparently, Mrs. Bieber has a thing for naming trends after foods. β€œThe best way to describe it is a combination of caramel and gold tones with a copper reflection,” explains Matt Rez, Hailey Beiber’s colorist. β€œShe’s not trying to be a redhead. She’s using her brunette base and adding that caramel gold with a slight copper tint.” There were longer descriptions and explanations of the hair color and name, but let’s be honest with ourselves. Caramel? Brown. Gold? Light brown. Copper? Brown! Her hair is brown people! I’m sure we all wish we could go viral for being a brunette. 

Honorable Mentions

Alight at the station! We’ve reached the end of our journey, but we’d like to notify you of three new routes in development. Blueberry Station will be changing to β€˜Fruit Station’ as the Strawberry Makeup trend as well as the Tomato Girl Makeup trend both move up in the ranks. Now you can wear your exclusive light blue nail polish with this super special totally not normal pink blush and extremely unique reddish lipstick! Bakery Terminal will receive a new addition of Dark Chocolate Brown Hair right next to their Cinnamon Cookie Butter Hair. It’s definitely not just dark brunette and brunette. If you say that they will take your ticket. That’s all the updates we have for you folks! Please watch your step and have a nice day!