Stats & Stripes 3/14

  • 1- month until Spring break begins in April! Just a little longer until our week long break, so hang in there a little longer, Bengals!

  • $2 – the price you can pay to throw a pie at a teacher’s face in the courtyard today at lunch in honor of Pi Day. Teachers include Mrs. Gaffney, Mr. MacLeod, and Mr. Cornell among others, and the teacher who gets the most pie thrown at them will be declared the β€œwinner”. Get out there and support the Class of 2025!

  • 6- days since MCPS lifted the mask mandate. The majority of students are still wearing their masks, however more teachers have been seen without them than students.Β 

  • 7- more days until the next rapid test distribution in schools. MCPS plans on sending school COVID rapid tests every three weeks to maintain a safe environment.Β 

  • 10- days until SAT day. Juniors will be able to take the SAT on 23rd during the school day. There is no registration needed beforehand. Be sure to study Bengals and do your best!

  • 90% – percentage of students in the latest Blake Beat poll that said they would continue to wear their masks for the time being. Many students are still waiting for COVID to get more under control, and others still have the responsibility of protecting older or immunocompromised family members.

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