Anniver-sorry? Bryson Tiller Fans Let Down by Latest Album

Bryson Tiller’s first album, Trapsoul, dropped in 2015, leaving the world amazed by his talent. Trapsoul was a collection of music relatable to almost everyone, and he kept his fans anxiously waiting for another great album. 

The album before Tiller’s new one, Anniversary,  did not do very well. Many of his fans still held very high expectations from Trapsoul. That is also what happened with his recent album. After the five year wait, Tiller announced he would be dropping his third album, Anniversary, on Oct. 2, 2020. This is the exact date he dropped Trapsoul five years ago, and fans were excited!

 The songs on the album start off slow but towards the end, you can get a better idea as to what he is trying to say. He conveys this message throughout his album that he has grown, learned from past mistakes, and is now more appreciative of the people surrounding him. The album has calming vibes, and though he had a track featuring legendary rapper Drake, that was his only collaborative track.

 If Bryson had added more than one feature, fans would have been a little more drawn in. Yes, he has managed to stay relevant all these years on his own, but more features would only have supported him. Also, if he included more upbeat songs, people would have found the album more energizing and engaging instead of sleep-inducing. 

Many of Tiller’s fans were excited to hear his latest album because it had been so long, but once we reflected on the project, it was clear that it wasn’t his best piece of music. The main issue is he tried to have the album sound very similar to his first. It became obvious that this album wasn’t as genuine as the first, making it hard to really enjoy. 

I wouldn’t recommend spending your money on this album unless you are just a die-hard Bryson Tiller fan, but I do believe there will be better albums produced from him in the future. Expectations for this album were just set too high, which caused much disappointment from fans. Bryson Tiller is still an amazing artist, and I can’t wait to see what he has to come!