An Inside Look At The Grammys

This year, the Grammys were full of amazing performances, several eye openers, and history was made by an icon. 

Heartthrob Harry Styles shocked the world Sunday evening with the performance of his hit song β€œWatermelon Sugar.” Not only only did he deliver an impressive performance offering a twist on the song, but he later won a Grammy for best pop solo performance. Styles wore an all-black leather suit with no shirt to his first Grammy award show, and his fans were more concerned about his outfit than his performance. 

Lil Baby came to the Grammys on a mission to promote awareness of racial injustices against African Americans. Lil Baby performed his song β€œThe Bigger Picture,” he wrote in the Summer of 2020 when racial injustices were at an all-time high. He takes everyone watching through what happens when another African American is murdered at the hands of the police. The rapper did not leave with any awards, but people will definitely remember him for his enlightening performance.  

Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B put on a performance that many could argue was too vulgar for the Grammys. It was their first time performing their hit song β€œWAP” together on a live stage. Although the performance was slightly inappropriate, they still did a fantastic job.

While BeyoncΓ© did not perform, she was still the center of attention but that is nothing new. From the time that BeyoncΓ© arrived at the Grammys to the very end of the show, she was the topic of discussion. BeyoncΓ© single-handedly made history when she became the first female artist ever to win 28 Grammys. What’s absolutely hysterical was BeyoncΓ© truly looked shocked when host Trevor Noah announced this to the world. She left the Grammys making β€œherstory” as many other celebrities called it when congratulating her. She also left a proud mother, as her oldest daughter Blue Ivy won her first Grammy at nine years old.