A Style Guide to Homecoming


The most important recommendation is to not wear a long dress to the dance! It is not meant to be a prim and proper formal eventβ€” it’s a dance. You need to wear something flexible, since  you will be moving the entire night whether you’re on the dance floor or not. Save it for Prom!  

There are plenty of options for those who aren’t comfortable in short dresses. An equally popular option is  jumpsuits; offering an elegant relief from the hassle of skirts. Windsor and Lulu’s are affordable stores that offer jumpsuits ranging from silk to glitter; it’s a classy yet sassy way to dress up for a dance. 

Looking to flaunt your leg game but don’t want to risk a short skirt? Rompers are your best friend. Rompers vary from tight to flowy. Windsor offers rompers in two piece sets as well.

For the ladies who still roll with a dress, it can be a challenge whether it is revealing or not. Cheap fashion tape and safety pins are available at most convenience stores to protect you from embarrassing accidents. 

As for style; satin, velvet, glitterβ€”any texture works! This is the most versatile dance of the school year. You can wear colors from black to neon, so don’t stress about the color or fabric of your dress. 

Heels complete any outfit, but make sure they’re sturdy and not too high! Wear heels you can stand in for a few hoursβ€”there are very limited places to sit. If you’re having trouble deciding what shoes to wear, the safest bet is nude. Neutral tones compliment everything while bold colored shoes can appear uncoordinated. 


Button up shirts are the balance between dressy and casual; they can be worn for any event. Great colors to look for are blue, black and white. 

Stay away from jeans. They will only dress down your nice polo shirt or button, which is not what you are going for. Some nice slacks or dress pants are a perfect pair of bottoms to keep your look clean. Go for a darker color like black, or even emerald green or brown for some variation. 

Shoes are very versatile. You can wear any shoe and it will look great with your outfit. Most guys stick with dress shoes they already have. Depending on their personal style, they might lean towards more casual shoes like Sperrys or Converse. 

Accessories! Probably the most important part of dressing up. A nice necklace, watch, or rings  are a great way to make a basic homecoming outfit more like you. If you want people on your Snapchat to be blinded by your jewelry, go all out! On the other hand, if your style is more modest, you can express yourself in other aspects like your hairstyle or clothing.

Since it’s getting cooler, you are going to want to bring a sweater you can keep on or take off. Some things to avoid are sweatshirts, sweatpants and sneakers. Sweats are too casual for homecoming. This is a night you want to show everyone you can dress up when it is time. Wearing your new sneakers is not the move! You are not going to be happy when they get scuffed. Also, avoid bringing coats because you do not want to have too many things to be responsible for. Besides, it will be very warm in the building with all the students moving around everywhere.

Homecoming is November 2, so above all else, be confident! Don’t feel pressured into wearing a particular style if you aren’t comfortable in it, Homecoming is for you to be bold and show your true colors; go all out!