Pro/Con: Spirited Fun or Too Much too Soon?


There’s no better way to start the school year than with spirit. Fun and uplifting for the whole school, participants have more energy about them as they excitedly show off their creativity. Fostering this enthusiasm so early in the year gets students looking forward to the school year as they come in to a week of silliness and celebration. Rather than being bombarded with scary new work and expectations, freshmen see that high school is a fun place to be from the beginning. 

Each spirit day brings its own fun to the table. Starting the week with the classic pajama day brings smiles to all faces. Students and adults alike love comfortable clothes, but the desire to impress holds more importance. The most flattering outfits are often the most uncomfortable, making a day dedicated to soft and cozy fabric a relief! Pajama day allows all of us bed-lovers to wear comfortable clothes without reservation. 

Sometimes, you want to go all out. Wacky Tacky Wednesday gives students the opportunity to have fun and forget fitting into fashion trends. They can let loose with ridiculous outfits and uncoordinated accessories, bringing laughter and smiles to everyone- a wonderful way to start the year! Reminiscing over summer with Tropical Tuesday, celebrating art with Tie Dye Thursday and bringing it all together with Class Colors Friday completes the week of fun, and the sooner the student body is having fun, the better! 


It’s too soon. Putting a spirit week on the plate of returning high school students is great, if you don’t mind being stressed. Most students are already worrying about school work, and having to come up with creative ideas to dress up each day is a lot of pressure. 

 Freshmen are adapting to the high school atmosphere and the morning drumline on Football Fridays. Sophomores and juniors are getting back into the high school routine. Seniors are already worried about college. 

The days are difficult to dress up for. Most pajama sets that are sold in stores come with long pants and long sleeves–not for this weather!  Also, wearing pajamas to school when trying to keep our eyes open in class is not ideal. It’s also hard to dress up for Wacky Wednesday unless you go all out with waking up early to do your hair and your outfit. Creativity runs short on Tie Dye Thursday- the only thing you can wear is a shirt. No one really tie dyes anything except for white tees. 

We have another spirit week in two months. Everything will just be deja vu unless we have different themes for each day and different events for the pep rally. Also, spirit week is supposed to hype students up for homecoming but homecoming is not until November.