Wizards Need to Rebuild

(This was written before trades)

Watching the Washington Wizards is disgusting. As a Wizards fan, I am ashamed at the performance we are putting on display right now. consistently in the middle of the pack.

Since 2017, the Wizards have been on a roller coaster that continues to plummet like a drop tower. Despite these attempts to win and “contend,” we haven’t gotten relatively close. Bad development, terrible coaching, terrible drafting, etc. We’re officially done; it’s time to blow everything up…

We rank 30th in attendance in the NBA. Mind you there are only 30 teams in the NBA… Fans are getting tired; if we’re gonna lose it’s time to lose with a purpose. We always manage to end up in the middle. There’s no time for that! Our last four 1st round draft picks, Johnny Davis, Corey Kispert, Deni Avdija, and Rui Hachimura have all been average at best. Johnny Davis is probably the worst rookie in the lottery but still I give him about a year. Kispert is making progress but it’s minimal at best, Avdija is making progress defensively, but his improvements are minimal on the offensive end. Hachimura has been on the rise, but he is not quite what Wizards fans thought he’d be by now. We can say we’ve made good deals as far as trading for both Kuzma and Porzingis, who has been absolute monsters for the Wizards. However, this will be overshadowed because of the $251 million the Wizards owe Bradley Beal.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Bradley Beal, he is one of my favorite guards in the league, but he is not worth relatively close $251 million. Has been very quiet and I hate to say it but it’s time to move on. The Wizards are too fond of living in the past, and 2020-21 Beal is no more. We need to move pieces and invest in the future. This is a little bit harder to do, due to the fact Bradley Beal has a no trade clause, but this is how I’d do it:

3 Potential Trades I think the Wizards should do-

Win Now Trade:

Wizards Trade: Kyle Kuzma, Will Barton, Monte Morris, Johnny Davis, 2025 1st (lottery protected), 2025 2nd

Hawks Trade: Dejounte Murray, John Collins, Jalen Johnson

Kyle Kuzma has already announced his unwillingness to remain a Wizard, and the best case scenario is gaining in that process. Since the Wizards want to build around Beal we should surround him with the right pieces. Dejounte Murray, John Collins, and Jalen Johnson compliment the future and the present right now. Dejounte Murray is a two-way all star that is a necessity to the diminishing defense the Wizards have. John Collins is having a down year but I believe he’d fit right in with the Wizards system, which would enable him to return to his his former glory. Jalen Johnson would be a solid piece off the bench with a 1-2 punch of him. Hachimura will guide the Wizards in the right direction (if developed properly.) The only downside to this trade is the loss of youth value, as trading Johnny Davis hurts us in that department. We would also be missing out on the Lottery protected 1st potentially  missing out on sleeper talent.

Rebuild Trade:

Wizards Trade: Kyle Kuzma and Kristaps Porzingis

Raptors Trade:Dalano Banton, Malachi Flynn,Chris Boucher, Gary Trent Jr.,Thaddeus Young ,2024 1st Rnd Pick (lottery protected).

This is a crash and burn trade as we are going to be a lottery team yet again. If this is our only option, we might as well try to increase our odds at a potential generational superstar in Victor Wembanyama. We give up tons of value as two of our top guys and I believe those picks won’t have such detrimental value as far as draft position so that extra value adding on to our younger core. I feel that with the addition of Dalano Banton, he’ll explode in the basketball world as he’s a 6 ‘9 guard that can play 1-4. Banton’s versatility would be huge for the Wizards. Flynn is a scorer off the bench. His only problem is his efficiency but I think he’d be a complimentary piece in the long run. Boucher and Young are simply salary fillers. Gary Trent Jr. can be a secondary scorer as the presence of both Porzingis and Kuzma is gone and Trent is a proven 20 PPG scorer.

The Beal Trade:

Wizards Trade: Bradley Beal 

Magic Trade: Bol Bol, Markelle Fultz, Gary Harris, Terrance Ross, 2027 1st Round (lottery protected)

This trade is a necessity if we move towards trading Beal. The Magic will get 3-4 more years of a reliable Beal. Beal is back in Florida, adding a little bit of etiquette making Beal happy as he’s back in another familiar environment. As the Wizards we NEED TO INVEST IN BOL BOL! Bol Bol is really coming out of his shell right now. We need to get him while he’s cheap. With Fultz turning his career around he can solidify his spot as a reliable starting PG (maybe an all-star). With Fultz being back home, I feel it’ll make him feel more welcome. Harris and Ross, who are a little on the older side are salary fillers. With the 2027 1st rounder it will add a bit more youth.

It’s time to move on because honestly we won’t win anytime soon unless moves are made. It’s now or never.

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