Blake vs Sherwood Game Recap

On Friday night, the Blake football team fell to Sherwood 27-21, in heartbreaking fashion. In the first quarter, starting QB Kirby Matson broke his collarbone against Sherwood, and is most likely out for the season. Even with Matson hurt, Blake still rallied from being down 21-0 to tie the game at 21-21. With less than a minute on the clock, Sherwood drove down the field to the 40- yard line, preparing for a final play to try and score a touchdown. Blake had most defensive backs near the back of the field, expecting a hail mary. They were correct, as Sherwood heaved the ball to the touchdown. The ball got tipped into the air by Blake, which was caught and ran to the touchdown by Sherwood. Blake is now 2-1, looking forward to their game against Watkins Mill.ย ย 

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