Welcome Back Bengals!

Hello Bengals! Welcome back to the sophomores, juniors, 23niors and a big ol’ welcome roar to the class of β€˜26! Hopefully you haven’t gotten too lost yet. As yet another school year begins, it’s important to know that Blake and MCPS have implemented some new policies and rules for the next few months. And as always, there’s plenty of turnover with the BHS staff.  Without further adieu, here’s what you need to know for 2022-2023.

First off in the news, Mr. Sinclair will be unfortunately leaving us during the second semester to be replaced as our principal by Mrs. Shanay Snead, our principal intern. She has already taken a hands-on approach with her administration and even assumed a leadership role in the planning week staff meetings while Mr. Sinclair was out with COVID (Yes, Mr. Sinclair had COVID the week before school started). Keep an eye out here for a feature on Mrs. Snead scheduled for next week. 

Speaking of COVID, as a brief overview of the mask policy as of now: MCPS is recommending masks in buildings but is not requiring them. Yep, that’s it!  

As we’re sure you’ve heard, MCPS has cracked down on phone usage during class. As a reminder, both headphones and phones MUST be away during class. You’re allowed to use your Personal Mobile Devices(PMD) before and after school, transitions in between classes, and during lunch. Consequences to infractions will range from verbal warnings to confiscation of PMD. This is due to the fact that MCPS believes that students aren’t just β€œdistracted” from learning with their PMDs; in reality, MCPS believes students learn less effectively with the presence of (let’s be real) phones.Β 

To the joy of our returning students, Blake has finally gotten rid of block days. Hour and a half long periods were treacherous to students and teachers alike. Thanks to a survey last spring, student voices helped eliminate block days. Way to go Bengals! 

Another notable schedule change is that Advisory, whether you like it or not, has now been moved to Thursdays during 1st period. We will still learn the same content as last year, with a focus on social and emotional wellness. 

Additionally, a wellness space is in the works here! Although not complete yet, it will be a space where students can go if they feel stressed, anxious, upset, etc… be sure to check out our future articles about it! It’ll be downstairs D hall in the Bengal Gallery.

Lastly, that trailer-looking giant box outside is a portable! It’s just a classroom, but students need to walk outside each time to and from class. An increase in student population from last year made the portable necessary to limit class sizes. It is located at the corner of F hall and is being used for Health classes this semester. And yes, it is air conditioned (probably better than most classrooms, tbh). If you’re interested in hearing more about this, be sure to keep reading The Blake Beat for updates.

Keep an eye out here on our site for more information. This is gonna be a great year Bengals! Good luck!

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