Arvin Kim SMOB Advisory Cabinet

SMOB Arvin Kim’s cabinet application is open until Sep 11, 11:59PM. If you’re interested in working with Kim, be sure to apply here. 

In his email, Kim promises to students that he aims to be the voice of his SMOB Advisory Cabinet (SAC). He says, β€œStudents in the SAC will voice the concerns and ideas of students, create policy goals, communicate with the MCPS community, and mobilize their peers.” 

Kim asks for help in policy research, communications, graphic design, video editing, and school/cluster representation. 

The first SMOB Advisory Meeting will be on Sep 21 at the Carver Educational Services Center (6PM-8PM). 

This meeting is open to all students regardless of if they applied to SAC or not. You can join virtually and can get SSL hours if you attend. 

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