Varsity Boys Lacrosse Update

This season, the Varsity Boys Lacrosse team has been on a tear. The team is 10-2, with a point differential of 151-72. One of the Bengals losses was to Winston Churchill, losing 19-6. They did suffer one loss in an invitational tournament hosted by Paint Branch. Making it to the championship round, Blake fell 13-10 to Reservoir High School, but this loss didn’t count towards their record. 

Nevertheless, the Bengals have dominated in their regular season and look to do the same in the playoffs. Coach James Potts said, β€œThere are a couple of things that contribute to our winning atmosphere. The first and foremost is putting the ownership of the team onto the student-athletes. I am currently reminding them this is their team, not mine. They have to want to put the work in to push one another because at the end of the day it is their team.” This mindset is key to winning, and it shows. 

The lacrosse team is a tight-knit family who have each other’s back. One of the most important things to have on a team is chemistry. If everyone can’t work together to lift each other up, the team is bound to fail. The Varsity Lacrosse team excels in chemistry, as they have taken leadership of the team.

 β€œThere is no doubt that our lone Senior captain is Michael McLean,” comments Coach Potts.  β€œHe is a humble leader who doesn’t get rattled often or at all. Mike is very even keel, knows the game very well, and leads by example and effort,  and that’s what you want in a leader.” Every successful team needs to have a strong example to follow, and Michael McLean provides that for the Bengals. He is a vital part of this team on and off the field, providing an edge they wouldn’t have without him.

When asked about expectations every season, Coach Potts said, β€œWe want to win our division every year, we want to win double-digit games every year, we want to win our region and make a push for states every year.” The lacrosse playoffs start next week, and Coach Potts expects big things from the squad. The team is very strong this year like always, and there is a very real chance they can push deep into the playoffs. We look forward to seeing the Bengals make a run for states and potentially bring the title home. 

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