Valentines Day Gifts: Do’s and Dont’s

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, couples are scrambling for gifts to give! However, I am here to tell you I feel that tradition has become more and more meaningless over the years. Common gifts have allowed for a lack of thoughtfulness, and this I can simply not allow. So I will be showing you the most commonly given gifts for this celebration of love and why they’re not such great gifts anymore. As well as turn you to some better alternatives. 


  1. Roses

The most commonly given gift on Valentine’s Day. Every woman in the world who’s had a significant other has been given roses at least once. There are a lot of women who love and want to be given flowers, but roses have been overused to the point that their Victorian meaning of β€œpassionate love” has dried out. They have become meaningless, cheap excuses for a β€œgift”. Just make a note of your partner’s favorite flower and give them those!

  1. Silver Heart Necklaces

Heart shaped jewelry is almost a no-brainer: a heart for the heart holiday and jewels for the lady. But that’s the issue: there’s no thought behind the gift. The knowledge that your partner probably stopped by some random jewelry store and picked up the first pre-wrapped $25 necklace that they saw, would be a sad thought on a day that’s supposed to commemorate love and adoration. Especially if you put a lot of thought into your gift for them. Some heart shaped jewelry is okay! But it really depends on the partner. 

  1. Fancy Chocolates

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Very few people, but that doesn’t automatically put this gift in the β€œgood” category. Plenty of chocolate lovers are satisfied eating a cheap hershey bar, and find fancy chocolates topped with nuts and raspberry flavors to be a bit over the top. And once again, a common gift that everyone gets, put in some effort why don’t you? 

  1. Bath & Body Works Gift Set 

Remember how I said the other gifts took no thought? Well this is the queen of thoughtlessness. An assortment of many gifts into one usually is a telltale sign you don’t know what the person likes and what they’d actually want, so you’re trying to make up for it by giving them multiple things into one. A bar of soap, body oil, shampoo, lotion, a candle, and a bath bomb? Not only would I be irritated about the lack of effort, but I’d also feel like you were trying to tell me something about my own hygiene. Not to mention, most women use many different hygiene products for preferred results, and products from sets like this are typically cheap and do more harm than good.


At the end of the day the best way to get the absolute best gift for your loved one is to put thought and effort into it. Think about the things they like and what you can get them as an extension of those. But in case you’re really struggling, here’s a few ideas I’ve come up with to help you get started on your gift-giving journey.

  1. Valentine Lovebird Legos

Everyone loves dates where you do nothing but chill out with your significant other, but a date where you can make something together can be just as romantic, as well as fun. This small but adorable lego set of two lovebirds would make a great and affordable gift. They don’t take too long to build, and there’s several different ways you can set them up. Lovebirds were given their name because of their strong pair bonding, and for the long periods of time 2 lovebirds will sit perched closely to one another. Romantic symbolism for your own relationship tucked into a cute package!

2. Love Story Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets are known as the gift that keeps on giving, since charms are usually used to represent important life events or objects that the wearer feels are important. You can give the person the bracelet and their first 2 or 3 charms and keep giving a charm from there until their bracelet is full. A Love Story charm bracelet is the same concept, except all the charms represent an important day or moment in the relationship. Such as, if you went bike riding for a date, one charm would be a little bicycle or even a wheel. A charm commemorating the day you met. This gift is almost certain to leave your partner feeling appreciated. 

  1. Flowers with Love Meanings (That Aren’t Roses)

As previously stated, flowers are a good gift that lots of people would like to receive, it’s just that roses have been overused. And so if your significant other doesn’t have a favorite flower, here are a few with valentines themes that may serve to make them just as happy. Sunflowers symbolize loyalty and adoration, their yellow color also traditionally holds a meaning of friendship. A good flower for a partner who was previously your close friend. The Peony was often used to show feelings of love, honor, and beauty. Perfect for those who have a deep respect and admiration for their partner. And lastly, Carnations display a feeling of captivation and distinction. A subtle way to let your significant other know they’ve had your attention since day one. 

  1. Baking (Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies)

A great alternative to boxed chocolates, and another date in which you create something with your partner: baking! Baking together can be a fun way to test your collaborative skills, plus you get to eat a nice treat by the end of it. If neither of you are very skilled in the culinary arts, here’s the easiest cookie recipe I know! Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies are delicious and quite simple. Working together in the kitchen with your favorite songs playing in the background might be more enjoyable than you think, and it certainly has more thought and time put into it than a small box of factory made chocolates.