Romance Scam

Valentine’s day is a scam. 

Yes yes, it’s February which means that all the couples of the world think it’s a good idea to show off their relationship. While those who are not, get to watch, and only dread the so-called β€˜holiday’ itself.  

I don’t hate the holiday, I dislike how stupid it is to β€˜show affection’ one day out of the year. Am I not special enough for the other 364 days of the year? 

And don’t tell me that,” there is plenty of fish in the sea,” because the people who say that are the ones ALREADY IN RELATIONSHIPS. 

Why show your significant other affection on one specific day? Why should you only give your partner gifts when it’s Valentine’s day? If anything, try to give them gifts regularly.

No. Seriously, stop reading and get them a gift on this random day. 

I’m kidding, you should continue reading this. I mean you got this far. 

I think the government is in on this. Like they picked a random day to add red and pink products to shelves of stores and were just so gullible that we fall into the trap of buying all of it. The tons of chocolates, flowers, cards, and teddy bears that will probably be in the trash when you guys break up. I’m just speaking from experience

So yes, you might have a mother, a father, and a significant other, but do you have the common sense to at least not feed into this stuff? I mean actions speak louder than words. Showing affection is better than just buying a random pink item that you saw at CVS and then giving it to them.  

And another thing, WHY is everything red and pink? We got all the color of the rainbow but the only colors that supposable means β€˜I love you’ is pink and red. What if someone wants a purple heart or a yellow heart, you would never know because they only have two choices. Who even came up with the heart shapes because that is not what a human heart looks like at all?

In my opinion, people who celebrate Valentine’s day should do it in secret. No one should see 16 couples kissing in the hallways.

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