Upperclassmen Uncensored: #ClassRegistration

Is AP Computer Science actually easy? 

Indira: So AP Computer Science Principles is an easy A. It is very basic early computer knowledge and some basic coding in python. Try taking programming 1 to see if you enjoy working with python. AP Computer Science A is taught in Java and is harder but it’s worth it if you are into computer science. Mrs. Simms is an excellent teacher who can answer any questions you have about the class.

Jonathan: I would say the AP Computer Science Principles is one of the easier AP classes I have taken at Blake, and it is pretty rewarding, giving you a wide array of knowledge on computer science. 

Can you have the same electives for the whole year?

Reese: Yes and no, only some electives are given all year and the others are only for a semester. Ex. I took gym for half a semester and then film history the next. (Gym was given for a full year but film history was only for the second half of the year) 

Lauren: During class registration, pay attention to the length of the class. If you want a class that’s year long make sure you aren’t taking a class for just a semester. Some classes will say ex. Class A and Class B. Make sure you take the B version of a class if you want to take the class for the whole school year. 

Is it easy to get all of your credits and maybe extra credits?

Autumn: Yeah, getting all your credits is very easy. To get credit for a class, all you need is a D for the semester. Even if you don’t get a D for whatever reason, you can take a two week class over the Summer. 

Indira: The summer courses can be a lot more work, so keep that in mind. My health class had about 150 assignments over the course of a few weeks. 

Reese: I was fortunate enough to take both my health and tech credit over the summer and I’d really really recommend it. Like it sucks in the moment but not having to fit it into my schedule and take classes I actually cared about, made my experience a little easier. 

Nate: You need 22 credits to graduate, and if you get 7 credits a year, that means you’ll have 21 done in 3 years, so yeah it’s pretty easy to get extra credits, just make sure you know which specific class credits you need to graduate.

Lauren: While I do recommend taking classes over the summer, it can be costly. During quarantine, we didn’t have to pay for summer courses. Usually summer classes are $300 per class. There are waivers that help reduce the price but I don’t want you all to place all your bets on summer school. 

Is an AP seminar really worth it?

A: For me personally, I found it quite useful. I’m currently in AP Research which is the 2nd class for this program, and I can say that I enjoyed AP Seminar more than I do Research. I found that AP research really helped me with my research and thinking skills, and especially my presenting skills. The whole class is based on you researching different topics, then creating slides from certain points of your paper and presenting it to your class. 

Autumn: I thought it was very useful. I thought I knew how to write a paper, cite sources, use databases, etc. from previous English classes pretty decently, but when I took that class I realized I really didn’t. I’m really glad I was able to learn about all that stuff in detail now, as opposed to having to figure it out alone in college on a big paper in a much less forgiving environment. In short, it’s useful for college. 

Nate: For me this class was not my favorite and I didn’t take the second class AP research. For me it was just very tedious and I’m not really a fan of writing long research papers, group projects, or worrying about proper formatΒ and evidence. Which is what the class basically comes down to.

What is an elective that is good for people that want to take something in STEM?

Reese: I don’t know if I’m the right person to answer but I would say any of the AP double periods (Bio/chem/physics). The thought of them makes me wanna puke but if that’s what you wanna do more power to you!! Oh and your AP math classes. AP comp sci. 

Autumn: I would say AP Chemistry and AP Biology are definitely the way to go. I took AP Bio my Junior year and although it was challenging (workload wise) the teacher is good, the content is interesting, and you learn a lot. You can even get access to a Summer internship at a lab if you ask the teacher. I’m not in AP Chemistry, but I have friends who want to pursue STEM and take it, and they like the teacher and think it’s a good class. Personally, I would not recommend AP Physics or Anatomy. I knew people who took AP Physics last year, some being the smartest people I know, and they had no idea what was going on; Not because the content was that challenging, but because the teacher wasn’t great. Apparently everyone from that class was would just collectively copy a few alternating student’s work the entire year because no one knew what was happening. I currently know people in Anatomy, and the content seems interesting and students learn a lot, but the teacher doesn’t sound great, and you get an ungodly amount of work for an on-level credit class so I would say it doesn’t seem worth it mentally/emotionally unless you really, really are dedicated to taking Anatomy.

Indira: I would recommend taking AP Calculus AB. Calculus is surprisingly easier than precalculus since a lot of the procedures can be simplified with basic calculus. I took Calc BC and while the teacher was amazing, it was all of calculus AB in the first semester and BC in the second which moved way too fast for me.

What’s the most laid back AP class: 

A: Human Geography is a great, fun AP class, Mr.Danis is great and when there’s homework it’s always due at least 2 weeks after it was given. I’m taking 4 ap classes my senior year (don’t do that) and human geo is the most laid back and fun

How can I get a free period?

Joceline: You have to be done with most of your credits but first talk to your counselor about it. 

Autumn: I think you can only do it senior, or possibly Junior year, but only after you’ve completed almost all of your credits excluding English and Math. Ask your counselor about half day schedules.

Indira: You could also get all your credits minus English and Math, then take art classes for the rest of them. I have some friends who are doing that, and it is very laid back. 

Could I change my elective if I don’t like it? if so when is it the best time to change it?

Jonathan: The best times and the times counselors would most likely allow you to change is at the beginning of the year and usually around the first week or so of the second semester. You can also change earlier by talking to your counselor, but the effects won’t take place until the new semester.

Autumn: If you want to switch out of a class, do so in the first two weeks of school. After the first two week period, colleges will be able to see that you dropped a class which they don’t like.

Do Colleges care about which Electives you take?

Autumn: Yes, especially if you take an AP elective or one that aligns with your future career goals.

Ruhama:I honestly think that it depends on the colleges you’re thinking of applying to. But I also believe that colleges wanna see what your interested in as a person which are lead them to take an interest in you and the different electives you take throughout highschool. 

Reese: What Ruhama said! Colleges wanna see what you’re interested in and that you apply/challenge yourself. Pretty much all of my electives have been English credits with a little social studies… I wanna be a journalist with a sociology minor. Ya know what I mean??

Lauren: I think that colleges also like to see consistency with the electives your taking. If you already know what you want to major in, yes take classes that interest you but also take classes that build your knowledge on what you want to take in college. This can also help you figure out if this is something you actually want to study in college. 

Are there any classes that have chill teachers and that aren’t rude? 

Autumn: It’s hard to say because teachers will change the classes they teach somewhat often, so it’s not so much the classes as it is the teacher. I would say some chill teachers who especially kind include Mr. Danis, Mr. Kelley, Ms. Rowe, Mr. Mendenhall, Ms. Miller, Ms. Saxton, Dr. Frank, and Mr. Kiel–look for electives they teach! 

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