Update of My Junior Year

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve heard people talk about how Junior year is supposed to be the worst. Whether it be from APs, SATs, or any other acronym, it can be super demanding. You may not have the same experience as me though, because I’ve also heard many people say that their Junior year wasn’t that bad. But with the end of the third quarter just around the corner, like many others, I’m cramming to get things turned in. 

The first quarter was pretty low stress, as it probably was for many (other than seniors with college apps). The second quarter got a bit more hectic, but nothing too crazy. Until now, the third quarter has been really hectic. None of this said to scare you, but more so… prepare you. 

The third quarter consisted of me preparing for the SATs that were actually taken last Wednesday, applying for different internships for next year, attending college related events to prepare for next year, visiting colleges, and on top of that, my normal work for my actual classes. My main stressors now being my SAT score and my paper for AP Research that’s a part of my final AP score for the class.Β 

Along with my research paper, I have to start studying for my AP World Exam coming up in May which is also something a lot of people (not only Juniors) are probably working on. AP Exam season is just around the corner, and you don’t want to start studying too late, so better start now! 

Overall Junior year is a lot of fun, but also a lot of work that I know will eventually pay off! Hopefully once AP Exam season is over, the fourth quarter becomes a lot less stressful than the third quarter has been. Other than AP Exams though, the rest of the year should (hopefully) be a walk in the park!