To Be Honest #1

How bad is junior year? Josie Baker

Junior year isn’t completely horrible. I would say it has been one of the toughest years only because that year is the transition from learning skills from your previous years to actually having to apply what you’ve learned without teachers holding your hand. Also, the classes are a bit tougher and your schedule is full of the classes you are required to pass so it puts a bit of a burden on students because that entire year there is no room for lacking because it can result in failing that class. If you don’t pass one of your required classes you will ultimately have to add that class to your senior schedule or take that course online which is not the baggage you want to carry into your senior year. 

How are you able to tell who is a good friend or not? Maame Darkwah

I feel like people confuse a bad person with a person that is bad for them. Some people are actually amazing friends, they just might not be amazing friends for you. Not everyone is going to grow the same way you will, and that’s okay. You might have been really close to someone all of middle school, and maybe even as a freshman, but some relationships are temporary. I say all this to say that a good friend will not judge you for your mistakes, but will help you become better. A good friend will not abandon you in your darkest moments, even if they don’t know how to help you. A good friend is willing to put in the work to go through the rough patches in your friendship. A good friend will not push your buttons, or intentionally put you in a bad situation. A good friend might need to grow within themselves alone, to then become a better friend for you. Don’t forget to ask yourself: β€œAm I a good friend? Am I the toxic one in this friendship? What can I do to make this better?”

What do you guys think about the sports program here at Blake? Brendan Kepfer

I think the program, with the exception of basketball, is right where it was when I first came here. It was already very good and now with the bonus of basketball, it might be the best in the NEC. In my freshman year, the basketball team was good, but they couldn’t beat the rivals. Last year, if you don’t know, we beat Springbrook for the first time in about 10 years and should have beaten Paint Branch. This year, the team looks like it’s going to do even bigger things despite being a division above. I almost forgot to mention the soccer team. They were subpar for my first two years but almost went to states this year. Overall, the sports program at Blake is pretty good.

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