Stats & Stripes 10/16

4 Meters: Height of new Lady Liberty statue protestors in Hong Kong have erected on Lion Rock mountain. The Guardian reports that the statue is meant to represent a woman who was hurt by a police projectile while demonstrating in the ongoing Hong Kong protests. 

8: School days until the start of the Homecoming spirit week.

12/11: Date when the 2019 PSAT scores will be released in Maryland

16: Days until Early Decision applications are due for most universities offering ED. 

25: Number of years since Friends premiered. The 90s show continues to be a favorite for millions of Netflix users. Despite its popularity, multiple news sites report that the company will be dropping Friends in 2020 for budgetary reasons. Could this news BE more disappointing? Are you a Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Ross, or Chandler? 

50: Number of years since Sesame Street premiered. The beloved television program turns 50 this year, becoming the longest-running children’s show in America. Sesame Street was originally created to provide a learning supplement for disadvantaged children. New York City mayor Bill de Blasio declared May 1 β€œSesame Street Day.” 1933: Last time a Washington, D.C. baseball team went to the World Series. The Washington Nationals clinched a spot in the World Series last night with a 7-4 win against the St. Louis Cardinals.