Spring into the Library this Spring Break

Spring is coming.  And the best thing to do is to sit down with a few snacks and a good book. I know not everyone reads but those are the same people who have no imagination. Here are a few books that will help you kick-start your spring break. 

Crave (Tracy and Wolff)

If you like twilight you should read this because it’s way better, no offense. It is about this girl coming into a school full of witches, vampires, and more. Then the whole romance part of it where she falls for lonesome vampires. It’s definitely a journey and adventure for everyone as the one human in the school trying to like this vampire guy while not getting killed by the other monsters that want to kill him.  

Tourist trap (Emma Harrison)

This is the only warming you are going to get, this is a romance book. It is kind of like every movie which starts with the girl main character and the bad rich boy. I know I know it’s very cliche but it’s so good. 

The girl with stars in her eyes (Xio Axelrod)

For all my performers this is the book for you. This is actually a new book about a girl and her following her dream but the only way to do that is by working with someone from her past. I know everyone understands the way your whole mood changes when there is someone you don’t like in the room, let’s allow having to work with them in order to get the benefits. 

A wrinkle in time (Madeleine L’engle)

This is an oldie but a goodie. Every time I read this my younger self feels like the main character. I understand that this is a younger child’s book but like who wouldn’t want to be transported to different places of the universe and be watched over by three beautiful celestial beings? This one is definitely a reread