Senior Editors of 2023

Well, the 2023 school year is coming to an end as some students start to leave to start their new journey in their lives new students in. So before everyone starts the new chapter completely, giving some appreciation is due to the hard-working seniors that made this year a good one.Β 

Indira Kar

At first glance, Indira may seem scary but she is nothing but a big teddy bear. If that wasn’t enough you would be able to spot her purple hair even though it was under her beautiful black hair. And to match; purple eyeshadow and a thick eyeliner.Β 

Β You could have also found Indira painting set design for the backstage crew or Allies. You might know her from going everywhere to capture content for the Blake beat. There was nothing she didn’t miss, from articles being posted to club events nothing was missed. We say thank you, for the dozens of reels and videos that allowed people to know who we are as a class and a community. Thanks for recording the memories of this year so that we will never forget. Β 

Lauren Ambe

All Hail the mother of the journalism room, Ms.Laurenhill. If it wasn’t making sure new members were getting their work done it was feeding the less fortunate students, Malik and Nikhil. While not knowing Lauren is a tragedy if she didn’t nag you, you were most likely doing your work.Β Β 

Lauren was also in leadership in the Black Student Union and was a participant in Aces. She was a winner of the posse scholarship which is how she is going to the University of Rochester on a full-ride.Β 

With her earthy outfits, long skirts, and hairstyles that always looked gorgeous. If you didn’t see her outfits, maybe you heard the voice of The Pawcast. The Blake podcast told you about what went on around here at school. Β  Which is now being passed down to Nikhil and Malik. For the mother of the Pawcast, we thank you!

Reese Schenkel

Colorful pants, funky earrings, vibrant eyeshadow, and, formerly, bright blue hair. One person, in particular, comes to mind when you mention all these things: the wonderful Reese Schenkel. Being a journalism student for four years and an Editor-in-Chief for two, Reese has undeniably made a positive and unforgettable impact on Blake High School and The Blake Beat.

In addition to the Blake Beat, Reese also participated in Blake Stage Company productions before he even got to Blake. She first played Pumbaa in The Lion King Jr, then proceeded to act in the summer productions of Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin. He was in all eight Blake Stage Company productions during high school, even playing the role of student director during his senior year. Reese closed out his theater career at Blake as Miss Scarlett in Clue, but we can’t wait to see how he carries over his passion for theater in college!

Reese is attending Ithaca College this fall in Ithaca, New York, and plans to major in Communications. Ithaca has been Reese’s dream school since 7th grade and is her father’s alma mater. When talking about the school, Reese has endless things to say about how wonderful it is. β€œFrom their theater to the aesthetic, to college town,” Reese has plenty of aspects to be excited about when studying in New York this fall. She wants to be a journalist, ideally writing for The Washington Post someday, but he says he’s β€œkeeping his eyes peeled” for PR jobs and other opportunities. We wish her luck in all of her endeavors in Ithaca!

Alexa Peran

A lover of anime, morally correct hot takes, and most importantly canned drinks. No one fits that description best other than Lexa. He is caring, and goofy, and has dyed their hair over 20 times, his favorite color was purple. But most importantly he is an amazing writer. He covered our front page with articles on all kinds of entertainment; Wednesday Adams review, Concert etiquette notes, and more. You can’t miss them!

When Lexa wasn’t writing for the Blake Beat they would be listening to his top artists; Fall out boys, Waterparks, Korn, Shinee, and Ordinary Heroes. Or they would be a cool older sibling to his 100 siblings. Maybe even drink a monster but he does it anywhere.Β 

He is leaving so soon and will be dearly missed. But it’s not like he is gone, just heading to UMBC to live in a new season of his life. We will forever miss the clang for your cans and the laughter you brought to the class. 

And Thank you to the rest of our seniors. We love and appreciate you!! Your gifts of sharing your stories will not go forgotten; Yacine, Autumn, Nate, Mars, Giorgio, Karina, Quynhan, Brianna, Joceline, Jonathan, Jacques, and Leilani.