Roses are Still Red, Violets are Still Blue, but has Valentine’s Day Been Affected for You?

As we get deeper into February, so does our exposure to commercials from Kay jewelers, red heart-shaped boxes and the anticipation of finding a date. It is almost impossible to escape the β€˜Valentine’s hype.’ While it is acclaimed to be the season of love, abundant marketing and prevalent capitalism… call into question whether Valentine’s Day is really full of true love.

Everyone can agree that Valentine’s Day was worth so much more in elementary school. It did not matter if you were single or taken, teachers forced everyone to bring sweets. Literally forced; and unless you wanted to be left out of the celebration, you bought the most. 

It never crossed our elementary minds that it also had to be the day of grand gestures and proposals. It was simply about stuffing on treats and having joyous belly aches the next day. As children, it never hit that the elated feeling that came from the annual party was going to mount to FOMO or shame for being alone.

I remember having a conversation with a friend who referred to Valentine’s Day as just another β€œcash grab.” I found it funny and true. Companies impose the pressure to go big or face shame if your Valentine’s is not spent showering someone with gifts. 

If you are spending the holiday with the same partner continuously, you begin to feel the need to up your game every year. This takes the attention away from being sentimental and heartfelt to then focusing on expensive and glamour.

This hoarding and mass spending is labeled under the title of β€œlove,” when it is more so a competition of who gifts the best. Whether being single or in a committed relationship, you can still enjoy the day without weeping over your bank account!

It is not bad if you are not in a relationship. It is not bad if you buy candies for yourself. It is not bad if you stay at home and watch Netflix or do homework. You do you! 

Valentine’s Day is meant to be a day to appreciate all the people you love. The friends who make you laugh, the parents who put a roof over your head, the person that makes you blush and most importantly, you! There is only one you on this planet and you should love that.

So do not stress! It is seriously not that deep. Spend today with that same childlike excitement. Do not let the pressure to spend get to you. You define how you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day.