SGA 12/1 General Assembly

Every first Wednesday of the month, the SGA hosts a general assembly in the amphitheatre at lunch. Here, they give a rundown of the last month and the upcoming plans to follow. 

Last month for the end of the quarter the SGA hosted an ice cream social during lunch! Although freezing, it had a huge turn out! They handed out ice cream while students chatted and listened to our jazz band play. They all agreed that the music was a large appeal to getting students to come, so more Bengal tunes are on the way. They plan on having end of the quarter celebrations for the rest of the year, so keep your ears peeled for the time and place! 

As per upcoming events, the SGA has a handful to plan for. A cookie decorating day is in motion where students can come into the amphitheatre during lunch and decorate holiday cookies. The 21st will be for underclassmen and the following day, 22nd, will be for upperclassmen. Not only are sweet treats decoratable, but there’s a possibility to DIY your own ugly sweater. Although those plans are still in the works. 

If you’re interested in running for SMOB or would like to have a chance to ask our current SMOB any questions, start marking your calendars for the upcoming SMOB events! Dec. 9, there will be a β€œLearning to SMOB” conference from 7-8pm where current and past SMOBs will speak on their experience and the ins and outs of working with the county. On the 20th, Hana O’Looney, our 44th SMOB, will be visiting during lunch in the auditorium. The SGA will be hosting a Q&A with O’Looney and they may choose YOU to ask her any questions.

In a little over a month, Jan. 12, Mr. Sinclair will be participating in a forum with the SGA at the amphitheater at lunch. He’ll be answering questions from students, so be prepared if you have anything you want to ask him! 

As always, the SGA is looking for suggestions for spirit days or general school input. In their Linktree they have plenty of links and possibilities to get involved with our school. They also are consistently posting on social media under @BlakeSGA on both Instagram and Twitter, and now TikTok! 

Whether it be through spirit weeks or Q&As, our SGA works hard to give us an eventful school year to keep our school spirit high!

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