Overview of Virtual Learning Suite

Dear Blake Community,

At the beginning of this school year, Principal Bob Sinclair laid out an optimistic philosophy he coined, β€œOne Team, One Goal.” It was a doctrine that emphasized togetherness even in a time of intense division in our country and lonely, painful isolation from one another. Sinclair hoped he would see the Blake community rally together during this time, and in some respects they have. In others, however, we are falling short of living up to Sinclair’s grandiose vision. 

β€œThere’s definitely a lot of work to do,” Sinclair says in reference to achieving the togetherness and community he hoped to build through realizing β€œOne Team, One Goal.” β€œA big part of it is is that we’re not there to build those relationships.”

Virtual education seems to be failing the community for a plethora of reasons, not least of all because it is fracturing student-parent-faculty relationships. 

We know you have a lot of questions surrounding virtual learning and the return to in-person instruction. The next couple of news articles are going to be giving you an in-depth look at the pitfalls of virtual instruction and what the community has to look forward to if we ever return to the building.Β 

Dive deep into the fracturing of parent/student/teacher relationships; the debate over cameras being on during recorded Zooms; the hits taken by attendance and grades; the story surrounding which groups of students are performing the worst in online education; potential solutions to problems with virtual learning; and what the plans for returning to school entail and are contingent upon. 

Long story short: we have a lot to share with you.