Stats and Stripes 1/14

  • 11 schools in MCPS shifted to virtual learningΒ 

Although 126 schools of Montgomery County have passed the 5% threshold, that MCPS originally put in place, only 11 of the schools went virtual until Jan. 18.

  • 39 Maryland schools closures took place last week 

Due to heavy snow storms and bad weather conditions many school closures and two hour delays occurred the week after winter break. 

  • 8th place ranked in box office, Spider-Man: No Way Home

Since the movie’s release on Dec. 17, it has reached the 8th ranking with a lifetime gross of $1,535,856,116.

  • 86 bus routes were affected in mcps due to bus driver shortage 

Many bus routes are not available for students because of bus driver shortage. Students who are unable to attend school regularly due to the circumstances are being excused. 

  • 11 days until the 1st semester ends 

The 1st semester of the school year is coming to an end on Jan. 24 as students are getting ready for shifts and changes to their next semester’s schedule.

  • 18 Β°F

This week’s temperature is the lowest it has been since the year started. There’s also an expectation of 2-5 inches of snow this weekend again, after 8.5 inches of snowfall last week. 

  • 190,000 rapid COVID test kits brought from MCPS to test both students and staff. 

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