Not Feeling Next Year’s School Schedule

If you do not know, MCPS is bringing some interesting (tentative) changes to next year’s school calendar. Some of them work out great, but the majority seem to have little reasoning for being in place, including the first day of school, winter break, and the last day of school. 

The 2020-2021 school year is set to take off on August 31, eight days earlier than if we were to still start after Labor Day. Although MCPS gives us more days off during the school year, you can do more during consecutive days off in the sun than a cold winter day.

Speaking of winter, winter break next year will start on December 24, which also happens to be Christmas Eve. Why start one of the more popular breaks for traveling on the day people tend to be at their location? That only adds to student absences, hurting grades since teachers tend to teach until the minute the bell rings for break. I know having that whole week off is an unreasonable ask, but at least having that Wednesday off would be fair.

I also cannot be the only one that misses the last day of school being on a Friday. Next year is scheduled to end on June 16, a Wednesday. There is just something nostalgic about getting home on a Friday to start your break with the weekend. Might just be me, but I would hate to see that tradition come to an end.

Don’t lose all hope, though! Maybe if random days off, not traveling far for break, and not caring when school ends is your thing, you can look forward to these new changes. But, MCPS’s fluctuating schedule and fickle decisions inconvenience students, their parents, and staff. They might as well give us a whole year off while they are still making wild decisions. Just kidding, but MCPS should look into settling with a consistent schedule for a while. It would be beneficial for everyone.

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