Bocce Ballin’

Bocce Ball opened their season with a 2-1 win over, 3A rival, Magruder on January 3. After dominating game one, with a thumping 10-2 victory, the Colonels regrouped and evened the score out, winning 8-2 in the second game. In the third and last game of the match, the Bengals managed to pull away with an 8-2 victory en route to the team’s first win of the season.

To remain undefeated, they punished the 3-1 powerhouse and NEC Rival, Paint Branch, 2-0. On January 13, they managed to beat Paint Branch in consecutive frames, similar to quarters and took the win home early.Β 

Originated from the Roman Empire, bocce ball is one of the oldest games to exist. Today, however, it is not very well known. Bocce ball games are played in frames, which are similar to quarters. There are three frames in each match. A team will toss a designated ball, a Palino, in the middle of the court. The goal is to get your four balls closer to the Palino than the other teams. You are allowed to hit the Pallino and other teams’ balls. 

The bocce team is currently undefeated and looks to stay that way. Their remaining games feature matchups with: 0-1 Rockville, 1-1 Sherwood, and 0-2 Springbrook. The Bengals look to have their work cut out for them.

Senior Neil Vu,  a two-year Bocce player, expressed his anticipation for what the upcoming season has to offer.β€œWe beat the toughest team we play this season, Paint Branch,” he adds. β€œWe could go undefeated and this would be the first time that Blake Bocce ball has ever been undefeated.”

When asked about his own personal goals and aspirations, he explained how his personal goals were his team goals, which were to win and play hard every game and have fun.

We congratulate our bocce ball athletes with their recent success and look forward to seeing them take the court again against Springbrook.

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