New Music Monday in Vice City (1/31)

Welcome back to New Music Monday! It’s been quite a while since our last edition and for that we apologize. However, this week is our comeback and it’s a big one because we’ve got some great releases for you. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the sounds. 


It finally happened. The dream of all X fans has finally become a reality. On Friday, one of X’s oldest songs, “Vice City”, was released onto all streaming platforms. The song was originally released on X’s soundcloud back in 2017 and was loved by fans. From the Laura Mvula “Sing to the Moon” sample to X’s lyricism as he flows on the track makes it an overall beautiful listen. This song’s release on all platforms was long awaited by the whole fanbase. It’s a miracle that it’s finally been re-released. This song is truly a masterpiece. 

Jacques- 10/10 (Definitely biased. This is real music)

Viet-  9.5/10

NLE Choppa – Me vs. Me

After a multitude of singles released in anticipation for his EP Me vs. Me. I will say that NLE Choppa delivered! This is such a fun album that although discussing the same messages, it’s the fun and energy that Choppa has that keeps you listening. With Choppa really bringing out the old raw and aggressive style from his old songs and the heartfelt poetic technique from his newest releases. Like the song “Shotta Flow 6” really brought back the old Choppa and was an amazing conclusion to the spectacular “Shotta Flow” series. Then there’s songs like “Change My Ways” and “Still Hood” that have this soulful feeling with lyrics discussing how Choppa is striving for success for greatness. I believe that this project really showed how versatile Choppa has become, as he knows how to use both styles he has implemented throughout his career.

Viet – 8/10

Favorite Tracks: “Shotta Flow 6”, “Push it”, featuring, Young Thug, “Jumpin”, featuring, Polo G, Drop S, Stompin

Jacques – 8/10

Favorite Tracks: “Push It”, featuring, Young Thug, “Jumpin” featuring Polo G, “Mmm Hmm”

Rick Ross – Richer Than I Ever Been (Deluxe)

A month after the initial release of his album, Rick Ross released a deluxe edition to Richer Than I Ever Been. The deluxe came with the addition of three new tracks two of which having features. All three songs were fairly nice, none of which sounded like anything Ross wouldn’t release. As far as production all the songs sounded good, again it definitely had that Rick Ross sound to it.    

Jacques – 8/10

Favorite Tracks: “Not For Nothing”, featuring Anderson. Paak, “Revelations”, “Vacheron”, featuring AZ 

Viet – 8/10

Favorite Tracks: “Not For Nothing”, featuring Anderson. Paak, “Vacheron”, featuring AZ, “Revelations”

Xayy2k – Just A Kid From Somewhere

Local rapper Xayy2k, comes with his anticipated EP, Just A Kid From Somewhere. Xay really does show out with his debut as he comes through with some euphoric production and some fun features. A lot of the songs are very reflective on how Xay is on the come up, and how he’s only working for himself. There’s songs discussing his relationships with girls like “love you/idk” and fun stylish songs like “hey xayy” and “she likes the way I drill.” I think this really does give you a proper introduction to who xayy is and what he talks about in his songs. Overall a fun experience, that although not perfect, is something you should totally check out. 

Viet – 6.5/10

Favorite Tracks: “love you/ idk,” featuring, 214 gos, “hey xayy!”, featuring kashglock, “girl from downtown”

Jacques – 5/10

Favorite Tracks: “love you / idk,” featuring 214gos, “hey xayy!”, featuring,kashglock, “girl from downtown”

Yung Kayo, Yeat – “YEET”

Blake alumni Yung Kayo returns with a single before the release of his album Down For The Kount with “YEET” featuring Year. Although it’s a funny title, don’t let it fool you that this song is insanely fun. With both talking about their success with the word yeet being chanted in the background. Yeat held his end of the bargain with giving us another great verse as he’s already showing us his consistency of putting out great music. Kayo didn’t hold back either with his aggressive and fun verse that has you wondering who had the best verse. There was  such a beautiful beat and it was both relaxing and hard hitting. With a bass booming and a dream like atmosphere playing; along with the fun lyrics. This song is like entering another world and getting ready to go on an adventure.

Viet – 8/10 (YEEEEEET)

Jacques – 7/10

Benny the Butcher, J. Cole, The Alchemist – “Johnny P’s Caddy”

I thought I was dreaming when I found out these threewere working together, but boy was I glad to find out I wasn’t. Benny the Butcher released a track featuring J. Cole titled Johnny P’s Caddy. The duo went crazy. Both artists flowed beautifully on the beat with each of them delivering a well spoken verse of their own. The lyricism was what I hoped for with both artists delivering well thought out bars and keeping a perfect flow. And the production? Oh it was spectacular, but I’d expect nothing less of The Alchemist. This is a match made in heaven. Even if it’s not on an Alchemist beat, I hope to hear more from Cole and Benny.   

Jacques – 9/10

Viet – 8.5/10

Nigo, A$AP Rocky – “Arya”

Right after the success of his show, “Kenzo” during Paris’s Fashion Week. The legendary Nigo surprises us with a song featuring the iconic A$AP Rocky. Although it’s mostly a Rocky song since he does all the talking, this song is just a glimpse of the upcoming album that Nigo is debuting with. The pianistic production mixed with Rocky cocky flow, really makes this a banger that shouldn’t be slept on.

Viet – 8.5/10 

Jacques – 8/10

Denzel Curry – “Walkin” 

Wow. Just, wow. Denzel Curry is starting this year off strong with his release of the track “Walkin”. This song is beautiful, I love it. Curry is insanely lyrical on this song delivering punchlines as he is clearly speaking from the heart. Not to mention the production. The beat is beautiful and switches in the middle of song causing Denzel to switch his flow and pick up speed with his rapping. I was genuinely pleased with this track. From his lyricism, to the beat switch, to the harmonizing in the background as he raps. All I can really say is that it’s amazing.

Jacques – 9.5/10

Viet – 9.5/10

Gucci Mane, Lil Durk – “Rumors”

Last week we were given a collaboration between Gucci and Durk titled “Rumors.” The song was alright, another aggressive, yet enjoyable song. The production was alright, definitely sounded like some Lil Durk would leave his magic on. Both Durk and Gucci’s verse were well written and flowed nicely with the song. Something I can say (in case you, the reader, haven’t picked up on it) is that Durk definitely outshined Gucci Mane in my opinion. It definitely isn’t a surprise, but it was definitely necessary to put it out there. Overall the track was alright, definitely an ok listen.   

Jacques – 7/10

Viet – 8/10

Lil Tecca – “Fallin”

Lil Tecca returns with a new single “Fallin”. The song overall is good. This song really does sound like Tecca is in pain. This song really feels like he just came out of a relationship and doesn’t know how to feel from the distance he has with his partner. Although he sounds damaged, he then grows to do his normal Tecca bars. With a hint of confidence as he shows us that things will get better for him. It’s the perfect balance between the pain he feels and the confidence he still has and doesn’t plan to lose it anytime soon. 

Viet – 7/10

Jacques – 8/10

This concludes this week’s edition  of Music Monday. We’re glad y’all waited and we hope we made it worthwhile. Remember to sit back, relax, stay cozy, live, love, and most importantly; enjoy the music. Peace y’all stay safe 🙂

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