New Music Monday: 12/06

Hey everybody, welcome back! We’ve got some very exciting and interesting drops this week. Let’s see the songs that are gonna cap off the year, with this week’s rendition of Music Monday.

Polo G – Hall of Fame 2.0

Polo G caps off the year with the deluxe to his album, Hall of Fame that dropped earlier this summer. With Polo G hitting us with more aggressive songs like β€œBad Man,” β€œUnapologetic,” and β€œStar Up.” It also has heartbreak songs like β€œWith You, Part Ways,” and poetic tracks like β€œBlack Man In America,” β€œDecisions,” β€œSuicide,” and β€œPiano G”. Polo G brings us up to date with what’s going on with his life, how he feels with his success, and how his youth helped shape him up to the man he is, and etc. Polo G has given us another reason to consider him for his β€œHall of Fame” claim.


Favorite Tracks: β€œBad Man (Smooth Criminal),” β€œUnapologetic,” featuring, NLE Choppa, β€œStart Up Again,” featuring  Moneybagg Yo, β€œBlack Man In America,” β€œPiano G”

Jacques – 5/10 (I won’t even lie, this is very biased) 

Khalid – Scenic Drive (The Tape) 

OK, IT’S HAPPENING, EVERYONE CALM DOWN! Khalid released his album Scenic Drive, and in all honesty it might be my favorite drop this week. The album is very feature heavy, with features from Alicia Keys, 6LACK, Smino, JID, Ari Lennox, and more. But for once, this actually isn’t a problem. Khalid sounds great on every track, and the assistance from other artists made the tracks sound even better. Not to mention, the production of each song is just sensational. I can definitely see myself playing this album when going on a scenic drive at night. Get it? Scenic Drive? Whatever, you don’t have to find it funny.  

Jacques – 10/10

Favorite Tracks (in no particular order): β€œBrand New,” featuring Quin, β€œRetrograde,”featuring, 6LACK & Lucky Laye, β€œAll I feel Is Rain,” featuring JID

Viet – 7/10

Favorite Track: “Intro,” featuring Alicia Keys, “Scenic Drive,” featuring Ari Lennox & Smino


LUCKI returns with the always amazing producer, F1Lthy and dropped WAKE UP LUCKI. LUCKI talks about what’s going on with his life right now. There are songs about love and heartbreak like β€œUSE 2 BE,” β€œLOVE IS WAR,” and β€œSTILL MISS YA.” LUCKI also talks about his  success in songs like β€œNEPTUNES V.S INDUSTRY,” β€œWHERE I BE,” and β€œBUSY DAY.” With F1lthy’s very hyper beats that keep this very fun energy, mixed in with LUCKI’s very down and out lyrics,It creates an odd pairing that can be very hit or miss for many listeners. But it’s a very fun album for when you’re trying to chill out or dance around your room.

Viet – 7/10


Jacques – 7/10

Favorite Tracks: “NEPTUNE V.S INDUSTRY,” “U.G.K,” “OUTRO”

Brent Faiyaz – β€œMERCEDES”

Maryland’s toxic king, Brent Faiyaz returns with his brand new single β€œMERCEDES.” β€œMercedes” has Faiyaz talking  about his relationship with a lady who just wants him all to himself, but ultimately, Faiyaz discusses that girls only want to be with him and have his child. Throughout the song, Faiyaz is realizing that a lot of things are at stake with the success, and the lady wants him to be ready for the life that Faiyaz lives. This song goes out as a warning for any girl that wants to be with him, that there’s a lot more at risk than just being in love, or in Faiyaz’s words, β€œYou know it’s more than just driving a Mercedes”.

Viet – 8/10 

Jacques – 8.5/10

Cordae, Lil Wayne –  Sinister

Maryland’s prodigy Cordae, hits us back with a new single called β€œSinister”, with a feature from lyrical genius Lil Wayne. If there were two words that could describe this song it’d be lyrically empowering. Cordae and Wayne discuss their ingenious lyrical technique, lavish lifestyles, and how they’re on their own level when it comes to their accomplishments within their respective careers. This motivational track highlights the twos pen game with lines like β€œtry harder but either way, they’ll paint you as the villain; eight months with no phone, dawg, we aimin for brilliance”. Or when Wayne started his verse with β€œLil’ tune flows sinister, I’ma finish ya, many men need ministers, I’m amen-in em.” With Cordae and Wayne being a sort of dynamic duo from two different generations within rap music, we’re seeing the dawn of a great project on the horizon. Cordaes sophomore album, Bird’s Eye View, will be dropping soon and we’re ready!

Viet – 8/10

Jacques – 8/10

SZA- β€œI Hate U”

OHHH, WE WERE WAITING FOR THIS! Folks, turn up your volume for this one, it’s highly advised. SZA has released her newest track “I Hate U” and can I just say, it was beautiful. Her vocals on this song were astonishing and the production of the beat is amazing. Nothing short of beautiful. SZA does a great job portraying the pain she’s in and the hate she feels from her past relationship. When I listen to this song, I can’t help but start floating off of my bed. SZA fans were definitely blessed with this drop.Β 

Jacques- 10/10

Viet- 8.5/10

Juice WRLD and Justin Bieber- β€œWandered To LA”

Well, this is an interesting one. Friday we were surprised with β€œWandered To LA,” a collaboration between Juice WRLD and Justin Bieber. I won’t lie when I say this track left me speechless, but not necessarily in a good way. The beat was great, it had a very nice pop feel to it. The chorus was alright, definitely catchy as a chorus should be. Where the main problem lied was the verses. They both felt empty. In terms of vocals, they sounded great, but lyrics-wise, they were plain. This song had a lot of potential and still does, there’s a chance it’ll grow on me. For now however, the verdict is that the track could’ve been WAY better.

Jacques- 5.5/10

Viet- 7/10

Ariana Grande, Kid Cudi – β€œJust Look Up”

This week must’ve been the week for unexpected duos. Grande and Cudi delivered an interesting track on Friday. “Just Look Up” is a song from the upcoming film, β€œDon’t Look Up.” The beat is beautifully produced and there is a nice beat switch in the final seconds of the song. I really loved Grande’s verse and I loved what she did with the chorus. However, I didn’t like Cudi too much. His verse could’ve been so much better, and his style of rapping didn’t really sound that great on this track. The song as a whole is definitely a good listen, though.Β 

Jacques – 7/10

Viet – 7/10

This concludes Music Monday, we hope to see you next week and remember to stay cozy and enjoy some music. It’s a new season, so let’s celebrate. See you next week and thank you for reading. Stay safe, y’all. Peace! πŸ™‚

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