New Music Monday: 11/29

Welcome back to Music Monday, hope y’all enjoyed your holiday. We’re back with some amazing singles dropping. Take out your headphones and play along as we listen to last week’s highlights. 

Kali Uchis, Ozuna –  β€œAnother Day in America”

KALI UCHISSSSSSS!!! Folks, we were blessed with new music from the GOAT herself. Uchis released her song β€œAnother Day in America.” This song is a part of the soundtrack for Steven Spielberg’s upcoming movie West Side Story. The song itself is great, I would definitely consider it a banger. The track seems to be focusing on America and how it was built up with money and greed and the idea of the so-called β€œAmerican Dream.” I love the sound of the song and the beat was produced beautifully. I enjoyed listening to it. Uchis delivered this time around.

Jacques – 7.5/10

Viet – 7.5/10

redveil – β€œ04”

Maryland’s own, redveil, returns with the spectacular track titled β€œ04”. The song discusses redveil’s drive for success and how he’s focussing on his dream and nobody else. If you’re in his way, either trying to bring negative energy, or are an enemy; best believe he’s getting past you. With motivational lyrics, mixed in with his signature soulful sampled beats he has proved to us that although he’s reached a high amount of success in his career already, there’s still more to come. We can’t wait for what’s next.

Viet – 9.5/10 (STREAM β€œNIAGARA”)

Jacques- 8.5 /10

Quavo, Yung Miami – β€œStrub Tha Ground”

Well. Where do I even begin? This track was interesting. The beat was great, definitely felt like a Migos song, for the most part. I really don’t know how I feel about this track. It’s entirely mixed emotions. Great beat, catchy hook, Quavo and Yung Miami did amazing with their separate verses, too. However, something feels like it’s missing. Great song nonetheless, very enjoyable, but it for some reason feels empty.  

Jacques -6 /10

Viet – 7.5/10

Rod Wave – β€œBy Your Side” 

Rod Wave returns to cap off the year with another poetic song titled β€œBy Your Side”. From the piano keys, the singing in the background, the booming base, to Wave’s lyrics; it creates a very tear jerking reflection of his life. From his rise to the top, his life before success, and how proud he is of himself for overcoming his struggles after finishing his tour. He ensures the audience that even if he’s far away, he’s right here comforting us with his voice in his songs. With the chorus β€œHey everybody don’t you worry about the distance… Listen to my voice, it’s my disguise; By your side”, reflecting that message he was trying to say. Wave leaves this song feeling triumphant and ready to take on the world with us by his side.

Viet – 8.5/10

Jacques -8 /10

Blueface, Blxst – β€œChose Me” 

Blueface and Blxst came through with a very lowkey, yet cocky  song about  the life they have. With Blxst saying β€œI didn’t choose this lifestyle, it just chose me” as Blueface talks about his trouble with girls, dealing with haters, and the lavish life he lives. However, even though Blueface faces all this success, he’s still in his  own lane, and not focusing on anybody but himself. This song is the definition of unbothered. 

Viet – 8.5/10 (They always say β€œYeah Aight,” but never β€œYou Aight?”)

Jacques -7.5 /10 (I actually liked a Blueface song)

$not – β€œGo”

$not made the holidays even more enjoyable with his latest single β€œGo.” The song was a good listen, I liked the style of rap he was going with, it reminded me of Ski Mask The Slump God. The track’s overall production was good. $not kept an insane flow throughout the whole song making it a thousand times more enjoyable. I’m very content with what $not put out this week and I’m genuinely excited for his next album. $not definitely delivered with this release. 

Jacques – 8/10

Viet – 7/10

midwxst – β€œShame”

Ok, who hurt midwxst? All jokes aside, this is a very sad and explosive heartbreak song. From the guitar in the beginning, the booming beat, and midwxst sorrowful lyrics about his failed relationship, it creates this sad, adrenaline fuelled song. Although he’s trying to move on, his ex keeps trying to come back to him. The song talks about how midwxst is focusing on himself, instead of his ex’s problems, with lines like β€œRun away from your past, now you’re dodging your truth.” This creates a very disastrous and poetic song about a toxic relationship and midwxst’s final goodbye to his ex. 

Viet – 8/10

Jacques – 8/10

This concludes Music Monday for this week. Remember to stay cozy and listen to some music. Tis the season to relax and celebrate. Alright everybody, we’ll see you next week. Stay safe, and stay groovy πŸ™‚

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