New Music Monday 02/17: City of New Music

Welcome back to this week’s rendition of Music Monday. We’ve got some stellar returns and some songs to start us off in our journey of excitement with this month’s newest drops. Sit back, relax, and enjoy as we look at last week’s highlights!

$not – Ethereal

Interesting drop here with $not releasing his 3rd album, Ethereal. I won’t lie, I really enjoyed this album. $not really showed us his versatility. From the heartbroken sounds of β€œMy World (intro)” to his screaming tell haters to please shut up on β€œDoja”, he really showed us that he can be more than just an aggressive rapper. I really enjoyed the production of every track, there wasn’t a beat I didn’t enjoy, and $not flowed well on each song.I really did enjoy this album. $not showed his versatility and proved himself.  

Jacques – 9/10

Favorite Tracks: β€œDoja” featuring A$AP Rocky, β€œBLUE MOON” featuring Teddi Jones, and β€œHow U Feel” featuring Joey Bada$$ 

Viet – 7/10

Favorite Tracks: β€œ5am”, β€œBLUE MOON”, β€œfeaturing”, β€œTeddi Jones”, β€œEYE EYE EYE”, β€œfeaturing”, β€œKevin Abstract”

Fivio Foreign, Kanye West, Alicia Keys – β€œCity of Gods”

A great release here from Fivio Foreign, featuring Alicia Keys and Kanye West. β€œCity of Angels” is a really interesting, yet enjoyable track. Considering the song is by Fivio, it’s obviously a drill song. The production is pretty good, the beat makes me wanna start busting a move for no reason. Both West and Fivio’s verses are equally as good, as they kept my head bopping the whole time, and I really like the Playboi Carti adlib in the background. Alicia Keys did amazing on the chorus, but that was expected of her. All around, the track isn’t bad. I enjoyed it.

Jacques – 8/10

Viet – 7/10

Pusha T – β€œDiet Coke”

Kingpin King Push King Overlord has finally returned with a single called β€œDiet Coke.” After recent leaks, Pusha returns, not alone, as he and Ye pull up with some fire. This feels like one of those classic Pusha T songs. After almost 4 years of not dropping his own project, he still comes in with those crisp bars that not even the best lyricists could compare to. It’s like he never left at all! Pusha has already perfected his style and this was a clear indication that he has more left to give. 

Viet – 9/10

Jacques – 9/10

Future – β€œWorst Day”

Oh nah, this can’t be. It sounds like Future is…. heartbroken?! On Friday, the Toxic king himself released β€œWorst Day”. The production of the track is amazing as any Future song would be. The vocals were amazing. The mixing was sensational. I’m just surprised that Future used this beat. It sounds like he went through Rod Wave’s recycling bin. However, he made it work. I definitely see myself crying to sleep with β€œWorst Day” blasting in my headphones.   

Jacques – 7/10

Viet – 7/10

Nicki Minaj, Lil Baby – β€œBussin”

Right after the release of their earlier single β€œDo We Have A Problem,” Minaj and Baby run it back with their new single β€œBussin.” It’s a very fun song that Lil Baby goes crazy on. Minaj has an entertaining verse and everything about it is pretty alright. This is a fun track that is perfect for all fans on Valentine’s Day. 

Viet – 6.5/10

Jacques – 6/10

Doja Cat – β€œCelebrity Skin”

Doja Cat returns with a song that reminds me of late 90s teen movies,due to the whole rock-heavy, emo-teen vibe to it. You literally can play during β€œShe’s All That,” and it’ll probably fit right in with the soundtrack. Doja talks about the usual things she talks about, while still having that charming, no-care attitude she usually has. I respect her for trying out a different style and she really hit it out of the park. This is perfect for Valentine’s Day when you want to feel a little bit aggressive on such an insufferable holiday. 

Viet – 7.5/10

Jacques -7.5/10

Yeat – β€œStill Cou4ntin”

Ahead of his album being released, Yeat drops his single β€œStill Cou4ntin.” Just like any other Yeat song it has the hype and fun bars to keep you on track. A perfect song to play on the aux and just the right amount of hype to keep you interested in his upcoming new album. Yeat has been one of the shining new stars of last year and he continues to prove why. 

Viet – 7.5/10

Jacques – 8/10

Curren$y, The Alchemist – β€œThe Tonight Show”

Another week, another beautiful drop. The Alchemist teamed up with Curren$y to release the beautiful track known as ,”The Tonight Show.” The production of this track was phenomenal, really appealing to the ears. With the addition of the beautiful lyricism shown to us by Curren$y, the song overall is a beautiful listen. Alchemist once again proceeds to show his true genius with his production of this track. And as for Curren$y, I haven’t heard much music from him, however, he did amazing on this collaboration so I really do hope to hear more from him. 

Jacques – 9/10

Viet – 8.5/10

This concludes this week’s rendition of Music Monday. Hope you all had a great time and are well. Remember to have fun, stay cozy, and always enjoy the music. The beat keeps going! Stay safe y’all πŸ™‚

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