Monster High Reboot Needs The Boot

Dear Producers, Please stop trying to rewrite our childhood! The shows we once watched and loved are being torched. Kids who grew up on the ORIGINAL Monster High, Looney Tunes, Blues Clues, Dora, and many others have decided that we don’t like to reboot to the already good. I am tired of seeing people revamp the original masterpieces that I loved only to trash the concept of the story, plot, and characterization of the characters themselves. It’s wrong and honestly hurtful. 

Now for what we all came here for, Monster High! The character change from the original to what is being shown now is quite upsetting. Clawdeen is a fearless, confident, and clawesome queen who showcased it in her attitude and fashion sense. Now mind you, everyone in the original Monster High had a good fashion sense, but Clawdeen’s matched her character with the purple and the rips. But the new version of Clawdeen that is showing up on TV… I have no idea who that werewolf is but I know it’s not Clawdeen. How do I know this? Clawdeen doesn’t wear glasses, Sketchers, or overalls. And Clawdeen has a more chocolate skin complexion, not caramel. No offense, but we don’t need any more white-washed colored people to be on TV shows just so the studio can get the diversity boxed check off. Now, I will say I  like the curls in Clawdeen’s hair, I just think this is a more middle school version of Clawdeen because the true Cawdeen would never walk out in a full moon dressed like she is very eager to go to a playdate. 

That’s not the only problem in this show though. Can someone explain why Dracula, the daughter of the world-famous blood-draining vampire, is also a witch? I’ve never heard of a vampire also being a witch, given I have never met a vampire before, yet I truly think with all the power they already have of just being a vampire, they don’t need any spells or need to become a witch too. It just doesn’t make sense, you know.

And Lagoona Blue. Please read the name first, okay? Hear me out when I say this; don’t you think Lagoona Blue should be–oh I don’t know–BLUE and not PINK? You know, just a question I have that was just floating in that little noggin of mine. Just out of curiosity, you know. 

I love Abby. You, producers, got the check on body positivity, but what happened when you were choosing the voice actor? I guess the better question is: did the producers ever watch the original Monster High? It doesn’t seem like it. Like at all. 

Why were they trying to be so relatable, yet they cast out the entire backstories of some of the characters? I wouldn’t think it was even possible. Now all the storylines are just a little sad. Like how Cleo and Duce were dating in the original and how they aren’t in this one. 

Not everything needs another reboot it was perfect just the way it was.