Knock At The Cabin Review

If you had the choice to prevent the apocalypse, would you prevent it or let humanity be destroyed? 

Knock At The Cabin is a horror thriller that revolves around a gay couple and their kid who goes on vacation at a cabin in the woods. They are later greeted by four strangers that are armed and who demand them to make a choice to prevent the apocalypse. Confused and scared, the family questions themselves on what they believe in and their next actions. 

Knock At The Cabin gives you that feeling or question of: Is it real or not?

I loved the love story between the protagonists, Eric and Andrew. It was beautiful yet heartbreaking in the end. Their signature phrase, β€œAlways together”, symbolizes their bond to each other. They’re like glue. Stuck together. 

I will say that it wasn’t scary but it was creepy/eerie. There are moments in the movie where it didn’t feel like a horror film but a bloody love story almost. 

The movie also felt like a mystery. The strangers feel a lot of guilt because of their actions towards this family. They don’t really enjoy hurting them. The strangers explain that each of them has had visions of the end of the world happening all over the globe. They say that this mission is the most important of all time; that they were chosen to do this. All Eric and Andrew need to do is decide.

Overall, I like Knock At The Cabin but it could be better. I was really hoping it would be scarier, with more jump scares and a bit more blood. I also feel like they probably could’ve gone deeper with the plot. Why did they have the visions? Why is the world ending? Knock At The Cabin feels like what to question or what to believe in. It makes your mind think, is the apocalypse real? Would you save humanity? 

Go watch Knock At The Cabin now! It’s in theaters and available to buy on apple tv and youtube.