Your Misogyny is Showing (Hershey Did Nothing Wrong)

Happy Women’s History Month! It’s the time to celebrate and realize all the radical and wonderful things women have done throughout history! As they deserve! You know, like home security systems and feedings tubes and medical syringes! It is, however, NOT the time to debate whether or not we should cancel Hershey cause they put a trans woman in their ad!

Scratch that- there is NEVER a time to discuss whether we should cancel Hershey over inclusivity. I can’t believe we are still having this conversation, guys. 

Context: For women’s history month Hershey created new packaging that highlights the β€œshe” in their name. In their ad, they included a trans woman showing the packaging. 

That’s it.

That is all they did. 

And- and yet, people, specifically the Right, are trying to cancel Hershey for canceling women. Claiming that Hershey has gone β€˜woke’ and is attempting to erase women.Β 

In the majority of their arguments they claim that because they included a biological man in their ad they β€œhate” women and are trying to erase them. They misgender the actress and activist, Fae Johnstone, and throw quotations around the word women when referring to her, if they bother referring to her as a woman at all. 

Pause. No one is denying she is biologically male. We understand how chromosomes work, they seem to be missing the part where it doesn’t matter? Johnstone identifies as a woman, she is a woman. Her gender has nothing, NOTHING to do with her genitalia. Sex is entirely biological, whereas gender is more so based on an individual’s experience and internal perception of themselves. 

This conversation is deeply terrifying? If you’re going to be transphobic at least come up with a different comparison that’s not that they’re predators? Or that it’s on the same level as Blackface (I WISH I WAS KIDDING)??

They continue to kick their feet and threaten to never stuff their faces with a brown wrapped milk chocolate ever again, thinking their sales will make any sort of difference. If Hershey is doing this, do you really think they want your money? I’m begging you to think logically for JUST a second instead of regressing to your 5 year old self, griping about not getting the candy you wanted.  

Do you want Hershey to apologize?? Prove all their actresses have vaginas? Give out free chocolate?? Make your arguments at a wall, it’s doing the same thing. 

It is exhausting having this conversation. If you really cared about women then why aren’t there more republican women in government? Why don’t you support women year round? 

Going on twitter and seeing #boycotthershey over something so nitpicky is draining. If you need something to complain about, find something at least worth your time. Thanks.