YOU Season 4 Review

(Light Spoilers)

Joe Goldberg, a broken man with a broken mind. In Netflix’s hit show, You, we see Joe, under his third new name Jonathan Moore, search the world for true love. People’s problems interest Joe and those problems cause him to become obsessive. 

In this new season of You, we now see Joe in London trying to leave his dark past behind him, and being hunted and stalked by an unknown threat, finally being the victim of anonymous harassment. The stalker is revealed in later episodes… Don’t worry, I won’t say too much.

This season has a noticeably darker appearance and content wise due to its goriness.

I love the season overall though, it’s like solving a murder mystery. But it does have its flaws. I feel like the show lost some of its ground because of this season. It’s like the whole point of the show is fading. The plot this season feels too complicated, like they tried to add all these twists in pt. One that just didn’t make sense. 

Overall, pt. One of You is a bit disappointing because the whole story sorta goes off track. It’s just setting up the plot for pt. Two so it kinda just feels like episodes you have to get through. Many questions go unanswered, which leads things to be boring.  

In pt. Two of You, we get so many twists and answers that answer the questions asked in pt. One. We see where Marienne was this whole time, find out who the true killer is, and finally see Joe accept his dark side. Everything in this part unfolds. I think the last few episodes saved the season because of the big twist with Marienne. 

Kate is Joe’s new love interest in season four. She comes from a wealthy family, as most of the characters in this season do, and loathes her father for the horrible things he’s done. But Kate despises herself for her mistakes as well. She wants to leave the person she was before. Both Joe and Kate want to leave the past behind, their similarities make them equally push and pull.     

Overall, pt. Two of You season four saves the day. We see Penn Badgley’s best performance of Joe so far. He captures what it’s like to be surrounded by a lot of darkness and how running away from your problems and emotions can break you. His mind is deteriorating. His dark side is eating away at him unless he embraces it. I hope that in a future season (fingers crossed), we see him get consequences for his actions, because in the end with Joe and Kate together we see them where it all began. New York City. 

Who knows? What if someone who escaped Joe before decides to try and take him down, for good. I guess we’ll have to see.

All episodes of You season four are now streaming on Netflix!