New Music Monday: Troy Horton

From cellphone to studio, 16 year old Troy Horton uses his music to escape from conformity in society’s norms. It all began when him and his friends were playing around with music, and from then on he’s had a love for rapping. 

His first song β€œHarden” that was newly released last Friday, October 4th, consists of a beat produced by friend MoneyGripBeats and has a trap type flow. When asked about the song, he explained his main goal in creating a trap song was to draw people in by giving them what they want before branching out and showing people his other styles of music. 

Horton’s musical styling is primarily influenced by musicians like Kid Cudi and the late XXXTentacion. These people are very big on individuality and speaking out about the hardships they may or may have not faced. Like both artists, Troy blends hip hop with other styles and uses his music to demonstrate his originality. β€œI’m not like everyone else,” said senior Troy Horton. β€œI can be versatile and talk about various topics in different styles.” 

Horton finds it very important to be authentic and independent. Although very self sufficient and confident, he sometimes struggles to not take things said by other people offensively and not to let it slow him down. β€œIf I want to do it have to just do it,” he says. 

If you are looking for music that can speak truth, get you hyped, and that you can vibe with, Troy’s music is the way to go. Check out his new song β€œHarden” and stay posted on the art he has to offer.