MCPS new school safety plan

MCPS published its public safety announcement and mentioned the idea of having Increased security staffing, new bathroom construction, and safety and security Pilot Initiatives.

In regard, to all the incidents regarding the use of drugs and consumption 

Montgomery County schools have decided they want to increase the security in school buildings. 

due to the recent incidents like Bethesda Chevy Chase HS where 2 students were passed out on a restroom floor. Throughout this school year, there have been reports of trespassing, drug overdosing, violence, and gun threats. MCPS school administrators have called 911 to report too many incidents this year as of 1,329 phone calls this school year in total. The number of arrests has increased compared to the 21-22 school year.

The β€˜β€™purpose’’ of vape detectors devices was designed to help identify vaping or smoking in the bathrooms. That will allow administrators and teachers to take responsibility. The device would send an alert an email or a text message of when smoke is being detected. The device is going to help bring awareness to what is occurring in bathrooms during the school day.

The other action that MCPS is taking for its safety measures is to ensure the school’s security, which is for students to wear ID badges around the school grounds to help quickly identify which students belong or possibly trespassing. Regarding the bathroom situation, MCPS wants to continue their β€˜β€™Student Restroom Monitoring Plan’’ to try and reduce the use of fighting and drug use. The school district wanted to increase protocols to monitor bathrooms and opening of bathroom doors as well as limiting access to some restrooms around the building.

The thought of this pilot program is only going to be for 6 selected schools in the district as of now. That will continue through the rest of the school year.