Disney Plus or Minus?

Cable television has quickly become a thing of the past in a world dominated by streaming services. Instead of walking to your tv, you can easily watch your favorite shows from the comfort of your own bed, bathroom, or virtually anywhere you please. However, with the numerous options like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ available to the public, it can be a pain to decide which one to purchase. 

If you’ve been on the Internet within the last week, you’ve probably heard of Disney+. Disney+ is a new streaming service released Nov 12. Disney+ has been the talk of the town, and all that hype really makes one wonder: Is it really worth it? Well first, let’s see what it offers.

Disney+ offers a number of Disney titles. You can relive your childhood watching all your favorite Disney shows and movies. Also included are Disney/Pixar and 20th Century Fox studio films, perfect for a casual movie night. Disney+ even has its own original content, like the long-awaited High School Musical: The Musical. A subscription also comes with National Geographic content. As for the price, the service is relatively cheap, only charging $6.99 a month, letting you watch on 4 devices in HD. If you have the spare change, you can get Disney+’s bundle deal along with Hulu and ESPN. 

Now, all of this sounds very enticing, but every rose has its thorn, so let’s get into the negatives. Since the service only offers Disney and Disney owned content, it’s inevitable that too much of a good thing is never great. Not to mention that Disney’s content is primarily geared towards children, so as a high schooler, you might want some more mature options sooner or later. Also, there’s no β€œcontinue watching” section like there is on other services like Netflix or Hulu, which is a bit of an inconvenience. Additionally, you’re only offered a 7-day trial, which is nowhere near enough time to fully browse through the service and decide whether it’s worth it.

Hulu is basically a veteran in the streaming game. Everyone knows of it, but not everyone knows what it offers. For starters, it has content other than Disney productions, so the variety is a plus. Hulu also releases its own original content as well. They offer shows/movies that are not on Netflix or Disney+ and updates their catalog pretty often. It starts at $5.99 a month, and you have a 30-day trial to test it out. There are some negatives, like ads during streaming and only being allowed to use two screens at a time on Hulu’s standard subscription. You would have to purchase multiple upgrades to get rid of them. Hulu also does not have the option to download content so you can watch offline and does not have the best catalog for casual viewers, due to its unfamiliar titles and low budget films that don’t appeal to many people.

Netflix is easily the biggest streaming service so far. Between Netflix and other streaming services, Netflix probably has the most options. Starting at $8.99 a month, Netflix has many well-known movies and shows in its’ arsenal, creates its own original content, with no ads. As for the negatives, their basic option only lets you watch on one screen, so you would have to purchase one of their upgrades if you wanted more. In addition, many subscribers agree that Netflix takes a while to update their catalog, and the selection of titles you get depends on where in the world you live.

So, to make a long decision-making process short: If you’re a Disney superfan, or looking to keep kids occupied for hours on end, Disney+ is the streaming service for you. If you’re looking to expand your taste in entertainment or binge watch hours of oddly addicting reality TV and can handle some ads, you should try out Hulu. If you’re just a casual watcher who prefers watching blockbusters and other well-known titles, Netflix would be your best bet. Don’t believe me? Try the trials, and see which one really fits. If you come to find out you don’t really like any of the services, you could always go outside. I heard it’s free.

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  • December 2, 2019 at 9:18 pm

    Minus! This is Disney’s first try. I heard three times a charm. hahaha

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