Celebrating Black Culture

As the world continues to evolve, influences and trends continue to change. Although they branch off from different cultures and people, we must agree that the impact of Black culture has been the biggest impact we’ve ever seen. From entertainment to fashion, from slang to food, the influence of Black culture is extraordinary. It’s something we all have to appreciate.  

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. The influence continues to progress as more Black people step out and showcase more contributions that appeal to the eyes of the entertained. Artists like Kanye West and Nicki Minaj revolutionized music, giving rap a whole new sound using different styles or lyricism. People like Virgil Abloh, who stirred up the world of fashion, created new types of clothing and designs never seen before. There are even people like Tyler, The Creator, being a big influencer in both creating and popularizing new styles. The list goes on with so many names having such huge impacts on today’s society, with new trends being set almost every day. 

Black people, being the faces of entertainment and comedy, constantly deliver quotes that we use everyday. From Kevin Hart’s iconic line β€œNOOO SHE WASN’T READY,” to what could possibly be the funniest thing ever said by Future, β€œSHE BELONG TO THE STREETS.” Black actors consistently play iconic roles, like Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction, Sideny Portier in Stir Crazy, Viola Davis in Fences, even going so far as being iconic voices for cartoons, such as John Witherspoon and Cedric Yarbrough in The Boondocks.

There are also different foods that are loved by all, originally popularized by Black culture. Soul food is widely enjoyed by all, with most notable being chicken, pork and cornbread. There are so many more dishes and recipes floating around, like candied yams and black eyed peas; although not the most popular, they’re still regarded as some of the many loved dishes that originated in Black culture. 

However, I didn’t write all of this to tell you what we were blessed with by the culture. This isn’t an analysis or a description of the gifts Black culture gave us. It’s appreciation, it’s a thank you. A thank you for the iconic lines and films delivered by Black comedians and actors/actresses. A thank you for delicious recipes and meals that were popularized by Black chefs. A thank you for the beautiful outfits and fashion that were put together by Black designers and models. A thank you to the amazing music produced by Black artists. A thank you to Black culture shaping a lot of today’s society. 

With all that being said, thank you Black culture, and happy Black History Month!

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