Russia Invades Ukraine

After several months of heightened tensions and military buildup, Russia has finally begun its invasion of the independent territory of Ukraine.Β 

This attack has long been expected by the international community, with NATO and the EU has previously implemented sanctions in an attempt to dissuade Russia from following through. These efforts have proven in vain, however, as early yesterday morning Russian armies (which had been built up along the Ukrainian border), marched into the country. Along with the movement of these soldiers came a barrage of long-range missiles that struck significant military compounds and population centers within the nation (Including UkraineΕ› capital of Kyiv).Β 

Russia’s naval force in the Black Sea has moved to establish a blockade in order to prevent aid from reaching the country. Several direct battles between Russian and Ukrainian troops have already been reported as well. In response, Ukrainian citizens have begun evacuating the country in droves, with hundreds of thousands moving westward in an attempt to escape the conflict.

The question for Ukrainian citizens has changed from if Russia will invade to how the rest of the world (Particularly NATO) will respond to the present attack. While immediate defensive action has not yet been taken by NATO, several world leaders representing member states have spoken out against the assault, and it seems highly likely that a significant response of some kind will come in the next few days. The question seems to be more a matter of how strong the response will be, and if NATO states such as Poland and Germany will send troops directly into Ukraine to defend it. 

With Ukraine not being an official member of NATO, the organization does not have any formal obligation to defend the nation, however, it seems that the country is being treated as an official member would be in response to an invasion. Without aid from NATO, it seems increasingly likely that Ukraine will fall to the superior military might of Russia, and Ukrainians can only pray that they will receive the support they need soon.

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