Blake’s New Quarantine Support Plan

James Hubert Blake High School has updated their 21-22 quarantine support plan in hopes of supporting students during isolation. The new plan applies to students who have been exposed to Covid or students who have tested positive but haven’t developed symptoms. 

However, many students may have been in close proximity and contact with someone who has it but was not directly contacted due to not being considered close enough contact. Some students are quarantining due to β€œexposure to Covid-19” but how β€œexposed” do students have to be to Covid so they must be required to quarantine?

In the given situation, the measure requires the student and their family to contact the school (if they are not aware), and check out the school’s quarantine teacher availability list, or check their teacher’s plan on Canvas. All in all, students are expected to stay in contact with their teachers and be up to date with school work throughout quarantine. If the student fails to keep up with their work, they will be provided with support in order to make it up.

While in isolation, the school will notify the attendance secretary and situate the student’s attendance. Admins will notify the student and their family to share the quarantine plan and to keep them informed through the process of isolation. 

Breakfast and lunch can also be provided if needed, as well as a Chromebook or mi-fi device. 

This plan applies to students who feel well enough to do work while in quarantine.

So what is different about this plan from the previous one? The amount of days teachers need to be available for Zoom has decreased since they are covering so much, due to issues like the substitute shortage.

There are still many questions and concerns regarding this situation that we hope to address soon. In the meantime, it’s best to prevent Covid from spreading by following Covid precautions. Keep wearing your masks properly, stay home if you are feeling unwell, and get tested if you develop any similar symptoms. We will keep you updated.

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